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Something that only the smartest of people and the maddest of lads/laddies have; something you say in the occasion of someone doing something very amazing that requires a high amount of intelligence
Einstein: "I figured it out! e=mc^2!!! I did it! An amazing equation that will have countless applications!

Einstein's Wife: "BiG bRaInS"
by howiemandealt June 17, 2019

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Something so amazing that it exceeds the requirements for "nice" and deserves an "o." ; A combination of the meanings of the words "cool," "nice," and "awesome."

If the action/event/person being described did something that deserves much more recognition, the word "nooice" may be used.
Howie Mandealt: Hey everybody! Look at my creative name! It's funny because Howie Mandealt sounds like Howie Mandel who hosted "Deal or No Deal," while I fake hosted "Dealt or No Dealt"


Howie Mandel: Noice
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by howiemandealt June 18, 2019

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This is the word "what," except it is pronounced and written with more awe; said when somebody says something what is too shocking for the word "what" to be used

Pronounced as "wuut"
Doctor Emmett Brown: "I just built a time machine out of a DeLorean!

Marty McFly: w0t??
by howiemandealt June 24, 2019

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The female counterpart of the term "mad lad" ; an insane female who is very daring and awesome
Person One: Look at the mad laddie go! She is playing All Star with the sharpest tool in her shed!
by howiemandealt June 24, 2019

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The word that is used when one wants to thank another with both style and the lack of awkwardness.
It is the "thank you" counterpart of the word "nooice"
Person 1: Here, man, you can have my old laptop for free

Person 2: Thoinx, chief!
by howiemandealt June 24, 2019

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