'how-ee' Verb The act of stealing another person's partner or dating a friend's sibling.
Hey, that kid just Howied my girlfriend!

Haha dude, I totally Howied her from her brother.
by euphoricmonkey December 6, 2011
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That one guy in the back of the class who looks like a drug dealer but isn't
Yo howie you got the weed
Howie: naaaah
by LeifEriksonOfficial March 23, 2019
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Former grandmaster of the universe.

Once upon a time, in a mad quest for the perfect human, some scientist brought the single-celled common ancestor of life back from the past. Then he grew it, along with human stem cells, into Howie. Howie could do anything at all, he had complete control of the universe, and was a cruel grandmaster of everything. He could win a chess game in one move....he could spontaneously create life....and destroy an object of any mass with a roundhouse kick. He would often torture his subjects for sheer amusement. But he had one weakness....even he could not divide by zero. In order to prevent his power from being undermined, he created the asymptote to occupy this paradoxical place and keep people from getting into it. Then, one day, Howie spotted Stephen Hawking. He knew that he held the key to making his power absolute...so he extracted Hawking's motor cortex (that's why he's paralyzed) and used it to grow a brain for his new son, who was an exact clone of him. Once his son taught him how to divide by zero, he would merely dispose of him. This son was Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris inherited all of Howie's abilities, and began his studies of zero division. He found the answer after 3 months, 14 days, 1 hour, and 59 minutes. (Continued in example)
(Continued)However, when he entered his father's study to give him the answer, Howie was not there, and his journal was on the desk. Chuck learned from Howie's journal his plan to kill him once he gave him the answer. He also realized that he could rebel against his cruel father and mentor, thus freeing the world from his tyranny. To do this, he brought Howie to the Forbidden Asymptote, with the promise to teach him the Final Secret of zero division. But Chuck, knowing the Secret, stepped into the Asymptote, and Howie could not follow him. Then, he delivered The Roundhouse Kick that liberated the universe. Howie fell off of his mathematical throne, and is now banished to crawl the earth, naked, dirty, and screaming in agony, trying to get into a house and regain power. It is the duty of humanity to NEVER let him in!
by GEEK² October 17, 2010
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if something is cool, its "Howie"
thats howied up. or thats howard, meaning its cool. A person can be called Howie if that person gains the respect of being cool.
by Trey February 5, 2004
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how-ee - Noun: A person with a quick temper but general nice guy, this person usually has no inhibitions and usually takes copious amount of illegal Drugs. he is well known and liked, a cool guy!
'Hey Howie'
"Sup Gezzer, coming for a smoke?"
by Assrape February 6, 2008
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A term given to someone who breaks down and crys infront of his/her friends.
"Waaaaaaaaa", Gee Steve don't have a howie.
by ClareMay March 17, 2009
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