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A coat that makes you invisible
Jeff-"Hey where did dave go?"
Steven-"I dont know, he must be wearing a cloak"
by Nate734 January 26, 2008
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One who lacks the skill to contribute balanced team work in an MMO. Also known as train mobber, skill-less peon and fearless noob.
Everything was going according to plan until Danny pulled a cloak on us.
by ndc555 July 27, 2009
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Cloak is another way of leaving without anyone else knowing.
Geoff: Hey where did stan go?
Kyle: I don't know, he must have done a cloaker
Geoff: he is such a @?*!
by **-Laurie-** November 10, 2007
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To have sex, or to fuck. In the context of the vagina's ability to envelope, engulf or cover the penis like a piece of clothing. Perhaps a term originating from Canada.
1. The man's penis penetrates the vagina, while the woman's vagina cloaks the penis.
2. "She's the best cloak I ever had."
by eto May 11, 2008
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an extremely beautiful women/girl who everyone loves and will never forget. she has many friends and people feel they can always go to her for help, no matter what the situation is. cloaks is a great listener and speaker, she is also very creative and imaginative. She tends to be very artistic and athletic. Cloaks enjoys acting, dancing and singing, she is also very good at them. Cloaks is also a great lover in the bedroom, Every man thinks she is irresistible and falls in lover with her at first sight.
by Writer926 December 22, 2010
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