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Being spun out is a state of sleep deprived agitated delirium induced by binge administration of methampetamine, prescription ADHD medications, MDPV, synthetic cathinones or other powerful stimulant drugs which is characterized by paranoid behavior such as constantly looking out of windows or blinds, intense fear of being arrested by law enforcement, chronic masterbation and non-stop viewing of highly perverted pornographic material, obsessive cleaning and organizing, pointlessly disassembling and reassembling electronics and computers, hours of carpet surfing for potential pieces of dropped drugs on the floor, pointless-repetitive behaviors and ticks such as picking at one's skin, bizarre Parkinson's like movements, postures and stances that consist of trembling legs, arms and facial muscles, extreme violent and psychotic reactions, thinking that others are talking badly about you or are conspiring against you and jarbled fast paced mumbling when attempting to speak.

A crack head may portray some or all of these symptoms but do not be fooled, the crackhead is a much more vicious creature and thus are considered a category of their own separate from the tweaker species/variety. What's the difference between a tweaker and a crackhead? A tweaker will jack your shit and help you look for it, a crackhead will steal your shit and bounce.
Fred: Dude Rita is so spun out. She's been vacuuming her car for 4 hours .
by Demitrious Octavion September 06, 2016

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Almost all of this definitions define a dime bag as $10 worth of weed but it applies to $10 worth of any drug.

There are dime bags of methamphetamine, crack cocaine and heroin also.
That guy Randall sold me a dime bag.
by Demitrious Octavion September 17, 2016

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A loose term used to describe a person that's anywhere from the Inland Empire, despite the fact that the 909 is considered San Bernardino. The 909er is the absolute worst enemy of Orange County residents. There are many variations of this undesirable specimen, ranging from bros (a dirtbiker) that wear high black socks, drive a lifted truck if they have a vehicle at all, smoke methamphetamine, get in brawls with random kids walking down the street because they are "emo" while simultaneously listening to emo music themselves, yelling obscenities at random people walking down the street and much, much more. They often claim to hate "niggers" but can often be seen listening to shitty rap music at parties drinking plastic bottle vodka (charcoal filtered tamirnoff) that they stole. There are many other 909ers such as the white power skinhead 909er, they are often seen with "IE" tattoos, they enjoy smoking methamphetamine, breaking into houses and going to prison for pissing dirty at their parole appointments. They can be seen with their Mexican "baby mommas" despite the fact that they are for racial Aryan purity. There are also black 909ers who while despite looking like your average crip or blood from Los Angeles are much, much more worse.

909ers can often be seen looking for recycling/aluminum cans with lights on their heads similar to the type that gold miners wear.
I had a glass beer bottle on my porch and and a 909er stole it.
by Demitrious Octavion November 30, 2016

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The act of a Police officer using a taser.
I just saw nigger lightning on the corners of 1st and Harbor St
by Demitrious Octavion July 30, 2016

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1. A house that is used to produce, sell and use drugs out of, namely crack cocaine, particularly in areas such as Atlanta or Chicago, although a "trap" could technically be located anywhere.

2. A genre of electronic dance music.

3. A type of southern hip-hop sub-genre that originated in Atlanta, GA. "Drill" is a sub-genre of the sub-genre trap. The genres usually incorporate "dark" sounding synthesizers.

4. Something someone or something gets stuck in.
1. I sell crack out of my "trap".

2. I really like to listen to trap.

3. That guy is a trap rapper.

4. That mouse got stuck in a trap.
by Demitrious Octavion December 15, 2016

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1. A term used to describe a heroin or opioid abuser. A slang name for heroin is "junk" and therefore a heroin user is called a "junkie". It is generally considered derogatory although in some circumstances it may be a term of endearment between addicts.

2. A term to describe any drug user.
This is technically incorrect but is common as of 2016.
Chris: Dude Joe is such a junkie. He sits in the bathroom for hours shooting up.
by Demitrious Octavion September 06, 2016

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The way a black person bags cocaine, marijuana, or other drugs. They tie it really tight in a sandwich bag to make the amount seem larger than it really is with a knot on the top. They hold it with the knot facing downward.
Black guy:
"Ay niggeh I got sum weed it light green like dat sour skittle wrapper on da ground it sum doughty dat shit FAT as fuck"

Me: "No thanks, it's bagged with a nigger knot. I'll pass."
by Demitrious Octavion July 19, 2016

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