1. n. to beat or win with no difficulty.

2. v. to stomp.
Superman no diffs almost anyone.
by Cuckbigot June 27, 2017
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a word commonly expressed usually at the end of a round or match (prominently in Overwatch) that implies a skill differential between one hero and the opposing same hero. used to shit-talk the other team and absolutely flex your skill on the same opposing hero.
*Super loses on Roadhog*

opposing hog hog diff
Super u id dnothing
Super please dont speak to me
Super :/

*Goes Wrecking Ball*
by Garry McDonalds-Burger January 08, 2021
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As Digitus and the Asian girl are IMing...
Digitus asked, "Hey, u wanna go to the movies?"
The Asian girl replied, "No, let's do something diff. Let's go into a forest."
Digitus asked, "Why? Do you wanna do it? Cuz I do."
The Asian girl replied, "Yeah, let's go to the one over by the ice cream place and bring a condom, ok?"
Digitus replied, "Yeah, I got it. See ya."
The Asian girl said good-bye as they logged off.
by Digitus August 13, 2005
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an unselective and microscopically thorough comparison between two versions of something; comes from the Unix "diff" utility, which gives a list of all the differences between two files.
"First up I'm going to diff the technological advances of the two cultures."
by master_gopher January 16, 2006
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To do a Diff is to power level a character on an MMORPG from the bottom to the top level available in record amount of playing time. MOST who do this, have intentions of their account going to a Ni Hao website (Ni Hao = gold farmer)
(Lumathus):Man where did all our tanks go? they all went to healing spec! argh!
(Unregistered): hmm maybe I should do a diff with my druid so we have a tank in guild eh.
by Anticleia February 07, 2010
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