Thought to be a myth, a hoax, a well thought out conspiracy to hide the existence of mystical beings. Reyna is a person whose beauty is unfathomable. The slight settling of her hair runs a man's heart wild. She is adorably cute beyond comprehension. And that's just barely the outside... Her external beauty. Just the surface. Deeper... She is loving and kind. One whose existence is highly outweighed by those around her. She is sweet and overall amazing. Has an inner beauty matched by none. Every man is blessed just by the sight of this angel however only a select few see her for the person she is within. And those that do can't help but fall in love.
What? No way man. A Reyna? Such a person does not exist.
by Day-kun February 21, 2017
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Her eyes, smile, and hair will make you fall in love with her. She’s everything.
She’s a keeper. She’s a Reyna.
by Babe9080 February 8, 2018
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Reyna is the most amazingest girl in the whole world. She is caring and loving and will always care for you. Reyna may have lots of problems but don’t ever let her go because she is unique different. She is simply the best girl in the world. She also knows how to whistle
by KevinAndReyna69 June 18, 2019
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An amazing friend, very sexy, loves sleepovers, always will make you laugh, but sometimes cry. Even through it all she is the best girl around. You gotta love a Reyna :) Skeel.
Reyna is coming over for a sleepover!
by long dong Sean August 6, 2019
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She is the cutest girl on earth,
she is gorgeous,pretty hot and she turns me on
i love her....alot
i would never forget bout her....
Reyna: hahah
Babe: i gues im ur bitch
by Babe8691 April 16, 2009
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1. She is gorgeous, pretty hot and she turns guys on easily.

2. She is rather shy, it takes her a while to open up, but when she does she’s a great person.

3. She is intelligent and fun to be around.

4. She’s filled with love and care.

5. She’s over all the whole package.

6. But one thing they are sex crazy!

7. Once you meet her, you wont forget her..
Reyna, is the most amazing girl I ever met..
by AFIstar November 28, 2011
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Reyna is someone who likes books
- Hey! How's Reyna?
+ She's doing fine.
by Reyna loves books November 26, 2020
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