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Superan; When you are mad at your girl for not having sex with you. So when she falls asleep you masturbate and cum on her back. After that, stick the bedsheet on to her back and when she wakes up it's stuck to the cum and she has a cape like Superman!!!
"Yo, dawg, Last night my bitch was being frothy so I have her a Superman"
by KryptonicDream February 11, 2005
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First and greatest of superheroes, Superman has been going strong for 75 years and counting and has paved the way for all superheroes that have come since. Possessing both epic ability and epic virtue, Superman defines what it means to be super and inspires us all to be better versions of ourselves.
Superman flies high and prevails against evil with wisdom and might.
by chadsuperhero December 06, 2013
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Superman is when a guy cums on a girl's back and puts a sheet on her back. When she wakes in the morning and the sheet is stuck to her back, you have officially supermanned that hoe.
by Brittny and Keyanna October 31, 2007
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when a guy cums on the back of a girl when shes sleeping, then u put a sheet on it so when the cum dries and she wakes up in the morning she has a cape.
i super man that hoe-soulja boy
by biznatch1234 October 15, 2007
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person 1: "hey there's Clark taking off his glasses, but where did he go?"

person 2: "I don't know, but there's Superman!"
by ooshi78 December 05, 2006
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Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerfull than a locamotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The amazing stranger from the planet Krypton. The man of steel.
by philosophermike October 01, 2009
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A man who gives all but asks for nothing in return. The closest to an Almighty. A SUPER-man.
Clark Kent (Superman - Kal El) was named Superman because of being a Hero, helping people, yet people had no way to return a favour. Thus known as being a Superman, he still did what he was best at. Giving people, asking for nothing.
by XLegendaaX March 21, 2011
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