A young child, especially male. Used colloquially in southern England, especially the Isle of Wight. See the computer game Jack the Nipper.
Madam, if you can't control your nipper I shall have to call security.
by kid for today January 31, 2008
a demoralizing racial slur used to put down people of Japanese background. equal to calling an asian person a chink or a black person a nigger.
by Bosco March 30, 2005
A Newfoundland term to describe a mosquito. The term originates from the bites these blood sucking bugs inflict.
"The air was black and filled with swarming nippers."

"The nippers were biting something fierce last night b'y."
by Bumbletoot February 23, 2009
There were so many nippers around the lake that I had to wear mosquito netting.
by Heptune May 16, 2005
nipper is an isle of wight word,
meaning somebodys son
"hey are you fred's nipper?"
by goten39 December 26, 2006
word to describe a friend with small stature. Usually below 5'7. It is not used to be racist it defines a small one, comparing it to a small english lad. it is also good because not alot of people know its true meaning which makes it more effective than midget or shrimp. can also be shortened to nip.
if someone small is bothering you: "shutup nipper" or "go to hell nip"
by merriman April 15, 2006
Shitty weed common throughout the U.S. that's inferior to the Canadian stuff.
who wants to smoke this garbage nipper weed?
by RCW June 25, 2004