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A young child, especially male. Used colloquially in southern England, especially the Isle of Wight. See the computer game Jack the Nipper.
Madam, if you can't control your nipper I shall have to call security.
by kid for today January 31, 2008
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Small children around age 8 or younger. Possibly deriving from the idea that they nip at your ankles like dogs.
When are you going to settle down and have a few nippers?
by Craig Hazell June 23, 2005
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a demoralizing racial slur used to put down people of Japanese background. equal to calling an asian person a chink or a black person a nigger.
by Bosco March 29, 2005
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A Newfoundland term to describe a mosquito. The term originates from the bites these blood sucking bugs inflict.
"The air was black and filled with swarming nippers."

"The nippers were biting something fierce last night b'y."
by Bumbletoot February 22, 2009
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There were so many nippers around the lake that I had to wear mosquito netting.
by Heptune May 16, 2005
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An over exuberant fan of Nation Public Radio, its broadcasts, podcasts, and webpages. Known to schedule Saturday outing around the morning line up of Car Talk and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me? This person finds humor in jingles about ketchup and powdered milk and waits all week to hear what is going on in Lake Wopegon, Minnesota. They have been seen in sitting in the car twenty minutes after arrival to catch the last bit of This American Life. This person is not necessarily a member of their local affiliate, but feels guilty for not contributing more, despite being annoyed with the pledge drive.
Bob never listens to music in the car, he's such a Nipper.
by mingohills November 11, 2011
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The nipple of a male or female measuring a minimum of two or more inches in diameter.
Dude, your nippers are the size of fucking pepperonis.

He definitely got those nippers from his parents, it runs in the family.
by Yuby Hoo May 28, 2008
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