Also known as the "Garden Isle" for its landscape scenery. At first deceptive however, for the Island has a high risk number of chavs and emos.
Musically, the Isle of Wight produced bands such as The Bees and Mista Mushroom.

Also famous worldwide for its yachting competitions, community and general snobbery but it should be pointed out the they are a minority and annoy most other Islanders.
"But we had all our vaccinations when we went to the Isle of Wight"
by Riteous Mango July 06, 2005
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A small island off the south coast of England. Referred to by the Beatles as a place to holiday when you're 64, the Island is notorious for its surplus of OAP's as this garden Isle can be a relaxing place to live with a very slow pace of life.
However, life for anyone below the age of 65 can be very boring unless you are extremely rich or stupid. There are very little job prospects, the education system is terrible and the social exclusion rates are like those of a major mainland city. There is very little for kids to do, fashion takes 5 months plus to translate to the Island's people. The cost of living is quite high- for example, McDonalds raise the price of all the goods 10p more than mainland prices to account for shipping.
With all the negative stuff out the way, the air is cleaner, life is calmer; you feel more secure here than on the mainland. Raising your kids here in theory is great as you can let them out on the streets and you know that if they step one tootsie out of line, the neighbours will tell you all about it. Everyone knows everyone, probably related to someone, somehow. It's an excellent place to re-evaluate your life simply because you realise that you have so much going for life elsewhere. Plus, we have a couple of brilliant breathtaking festivals every year and Hendrix Played Here!!!!
Isle of Wight Dictionary:
Mainlanders: Grockles or Overners (Bloody Foreigners)
Islanders: Calkheads
Caterpillars: Mallyshags
Cheese Sarnie: Nammit
Lady: Gal
Man: Nipper
Child: Littlun
Well, I say (Express Surprise): Wuh!
Island Newspaper: The Isle of Wight Can Depress

by Hot Mango Flush June 06, 2006
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An island off the south coast of England, the Isle of Wight is a land of beauty. It has a lot of nice seaside towns and they all have attractions. Some people equate it with being in England in the 1950s, but there's nothing wrong with that surely.
On the Isle of Wight there is a museum containing the skeleton of a Finback Whale (the second largest after the Blue Whale) which was washed up some years ago near The Needles.
by Stormsworder December 05, 2006
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Isle Of Wight or Isle Of 'White' as known by locals.

Small island of the south coast of England. Extremely beautiful.

Unfortunatly foreigners and mainlanders feel the need to move there. although they will NEVER be welcome.
Pollyanna: Look mummy, over there! a foreigner!!

Mother: Shoot em baby! dont want anyone on our Isle Of Wight..

Pollyanna: okay mama.. wel feed em to our pigs..
by LOVE_MY_ISLAND February 04, 2010
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The Isle of Wight is a brilliant place to live for people of all ages, we have some of the most popular business's in the UK and have fabulous scenery. We're famous for our Isle of Wight Festival which brings people from all over the UK.

Although we have had some ruff times in the past we are all fighting through it and making great friends doing so.

The Isle of Wight has a very stereotypical view that we only have elderly people here - this isn't true. We have a wide scale of people children to the elderly.
by JElsley December 31, 2011
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Known by many as the Isle of Shite. "People" from this godforsaken island are seen as inbred weirdos by most. They have a cool glass making factory.
a) Welcome to the island
b) my sister is also my aunt and is married to my first cousin, and they have 6 children. If you take all their childrens body parts then you'll get 1 and a half full humans
by anon. April 26, 2004
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