The first province to respond to the Titanic distress signal, The first to vaccinate for smallpox, The first to host a transatlantic flight, The first to have wireless communication in the world, The first place to discover proof of the theory of continental drift.
The oldest street in North America and the oldest city in North America. The oldest rock in the world
The oldest.................. continuous sporting event (Regatta Day rules! ) The largest university in Atlantic Canada, the most pubs per square foot in Canada (George Street) The longest running radio program in North America, caught the world's largest invertebrate (giant squid)

Newfoundlanders are...the funniest people in Canada (ask anybody)

The sexiest people in Canada (MacLean's magazine survey)

The only Province that has four identifiable flags, the only Province able to land the space shuttle (Stephenville) The most giving people in Canada (Stats Canada) The most sexually active people in all of Canada (what else are we gonna do!!) A NEWFOUNDLANDER. . . . . built the world's first artificial ice arena, invented the gas mask, was once governor of northern Rhodesia, was with Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg

THE ONLY PROVINCE TO HAVE IT'S OWN. . . . . . . . encyclopedia, dictionary pony, dogs, cultural publication
Newfoundland has the most easterly point in canada
by yer mudder loves it October 19, 2011
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I just payed an arm and a leg for gas b'y! Newfoundland is hell!
by DaBluff69 October 30, 2017
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Newfoundland is an island of the east coast of Canada, possibly the best place on earth. contrary to popular belief there is no inbreeding what so ever. as a matter of fact, Newfoundland has the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. Newfoundlanders are smart, hard working, funny, and like nothing more than to have a good drink after a long weeks work. A.K.A PARTY THEIR ASSES OFF! Newfoundland has put out such comedians as Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh and Cathy Jones. They are possibly the nicest people in the world. Sure the weather sucks, but obviously who ever actually cant take it is a pansy ass. All to the point of this guy " notnuffie " who obviously is a huge ass hole and thinks that Newfoundland is a shit hole well news for you dick head...they're amazing people, and just by seeing what you wrote, id rather die than have a conversation with you . The Seal Hunt for Newfoundlanders is a way of life, it keeps people going and has been a source of food, and profit for over 100 years...and up until the 90's they cought a load of fish, and are still working hard to contribute to the worlds oil supply.

Basics, Newfoundland is beautiful, amazing and arguably the funnest place on earth. and a lot of them are very proud and will gladly kick someones ass any day to fight for it.
Man i just got back from Newfoundland, that place kicks ass!
by dudeson April 17, 2008
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Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada's most beautiful and eastern province. Labrador is accessible via Quebec or by ferry from Newfoundland and the only way into or out of Newfoundland is by boat or airplane. One of Canada's most beautiful tourist destinations.

Guess what? We aren't redneck fishermen. Most of us (I say most for a reason) don't have a thick accent or say eh all the time. The fishery is still alive. We aren't barbarians either. So what if seals are killed? They aren't clubbed and white coats aren't killed anyway. Have you ever ate meat? What about that steak you had last Sunday? Eating a poor little animal that once had a life? Hypocrites.
Let's go to Newfoundland, Canada's best and most beautiful province for our next vacation!
by Not a redneck June 25, 2007
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Is the most eastern province in Canada. Joined confedertation in 1949 by a politician Joseph Smallwood. We are not the most naive, ignorant, "deformed" or retarded people, as some of you believe. Newfoundlanders do talk fast with an accent, it's because we live on an island and everybody else understands it, so why can't you? We have some of the best common sense in the world, we don't say "eh" like the rest of Canada, it's more oftenly said as "eh b'y". Some of the best workers live here, not all of us are unemployed, even though Newfoundland would have been better off as its own country, there are still jobs here.
Some of the greatest scenery in Canada is here, along with it being one of the most romantic places. Also most of the population isn't old people, not everyone likes fish, and some people don't even own boats. There's even people here who can't swim. We live in houses not igloos, most of them are bigger and cheaper than what you can get in other places in Canada, and we have what's so wanted, waterfront property. Not everyone drinks before noon on a weekday. Even though we have some of the coldest weather in Canada, we still go swimming in the summer, the people here are used to it. P.E.I. is the same, you don't complain about that? Not everyone loves hockey, but some appreciate the sport. We all don't own old three wheelers (that's an ATV by the way) or drive '57 chevy's. We don't date our cousins like the rednecks in other places and some of the most gorgeous women live here. (Gene Simmons life partner is a Newfoundlander.) Some of the kindest people live here, and we're not kind because we're stupid, we're kind because we believe in being polite. And yes, Newfoundland may be one of the most sexually active provinces in Canada, and you're complaining why? Not everyone is a fisherman, some actually work in office buildings, and yes, we actually know what an office building is. Almost every single person in Newfoundland has a grade 12 education, we're not a bunch of dropouts. We also invented the gas mask, I bet you don't complain about that one. Newfoundland is one of the first places in Canada to get new technology after it's been released. Education standards are higher than most places, making people work their best. Unlike the rest of Canada, this province is filled with the most heritage. Even teenagers appreciate the heritage. Oh by the way, if you think we're stupid, think about this, you don't know what "squish" or "upside down" means. Squish means not straight and upside down means to turn something over, to "flip" it. So what if we slur our words, we all understand it, the rest of you just don't have enough common sense to think it through, but you don't complain about fast speaking Japanese do you? So what, the puffin is our provincial bird, still not everyone has seen one. And if you lived by water you'd fish too. And we're so known for fish because we were founded by fisherman and at that time fish was the highest selling product. And despite what you think, we don't club baby seals, it's illegal. We also don't befriend other places to get something out of them for ourselves, or start a fight over it,(like America wanting Iraq's oil for themselves). We're people, just like the rest of you, who have accents because of living on an island, most of us don't want to leave, not "can't leave". We work a little harder than most, have more common sense and know how to have fun. And just because some people saw South Park where it said sodomy is illegal, doesn't mean we're a bunch of queers.
Our government ruined Newfoundland, not us, get over it.

And so what, it's not in paragraph form, but remember, we're that stupid "eh".
Newfoundland, its not New-Finland, we're not part of finland
by A.L.L. June 12, 2007
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Ok but really it says, "New found land."
Explorer1: What should we name this joint?
by reycanenu March 17, 2017
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The only place in the entire world where kids got to leave school early to watch the 2006 Olympic curling game. Also the only place where people actually watched the 2006 Olympic curling game at all.
by Curlbacca May 7, 2006
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