(n.) Using the pharmaceutical drug, Adderall (or similar ADD treatment medication), in order to pull an all-nighter because you were too damn lazy to study beforehand. Nevertheless, this performance-enhancing drug is a fantastic study aid.

According to the Federal Drug Administration, "students with lower grade point averages of B’s or below use stimulants at a rate of 5.2%, compared to students earning B+ or above who use this medication at rates of only 3.3%."

Good job all you procrastinating, late-night crammers. And a special high-five to the Greek system, who uses these stimulants at a much higher rate of "8.6% compared to nonmembers who reported use at rates of only 3.3%."
James McFratty: Hey I need to get some some Concerta (or Adderall-equivalent) to pull an Adderall-nighter for tomorrow's final!
Ryan: Do you want some 36mg pills?
James: Cha, Brah!
Ryan: Don't forget to eat. It's an appetite-suppressant! Oh, and watch out for the potentially fatal condition known as serotonin syndrome.
James: What?
Ryan: What?
James: SWEET--I'll dedicate my barely-passing grade to you!
by destele March 20, 2007
An Adderall-induced all nighter.

Consuming copious amounts of the prescription ADD/ADHD medication Adderall in order to stay up all night and accomplish a given task. This method is most commonly employed by overworked/procrastination inclined college students.
Leroy: "Hey man, you study for this exam?"
Carl: "Yepp, I pulled an Adderall Nighter."
by WHinie December 12, 2008
When you stay up all night and don't go to sleep despite the fact that you have classes tomorrow, and you really do just hate yourself at this point.
I pulled an all nighter, I feel like dying.
To stay up all night long to make sure that your are on time for the start of an early morning appointment.

'Pro Nighters' are often insomniacs, or extremely dedicated, or the important event's start time drastically conflicts with a normal sleep cycle.

Pulling a 'pro-nighter' is usually saved for important events such as job interviews, sales meetings, or court; or any event where the long term consequences of being late are far more painful than the short term discomfort of not sleeping.

An "All-Nighter" and a Pro-Nighter" are similar but differ by the priorities of the START and END times of the sleep affecting activities to be performed.

A Pro-Nighter ignores sleep to START an important early morning activity. Whereas the All-Nighter starts an activity and continues it on through to the END without sleep.
"I have to wake up on time and cannot miss that morning meeting. I am going to pull a 'pro-nighter' and make sure I am there on time."

"He has to be a 'pro-nighter'! If he is here at work this early he hasn't gone to bed yet."
by TreatableBum February 25, 2008
A term used when one is going an entire night without sleeping at all. Commonly seen at a LAN party.
Dude, Mike! Let's pull an all-nighter tonight and see how long we can play UT2k4 without passing out!
by Geist May 22, 2005
a study session or any other activity that lasts all night
That all-nighter left me exhausted. I didn't get a minute of sleep.
by Light Joker May 11, 2006
Fucking on a school night (and you have to get up early to go to school or class the next morning; more for high school and college students than anyone else)
P-Phat and Becky had a school nighter last night and as a result P-Phat was late for class today.
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009