Depriving yourself of sleep to do things that need to be done or you want to do, usually used for studying
Today I haven't been able to finish my homework and actually there's a lot left of it so I think I might have to PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER
by RCarballo November 12, 2013
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pulling an all-nighter is basically staying up all night but I think it is one of the best things ever, it is soo cool when you get the chance of watching the sunrise
a: did you ever pulled an all-nighter bro
b:YES!! if you ever did pull an all-nighter then you know it is the best thing bro!!!!
by hayalyemisli April 19, 2020
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To stay up all night for studying or related purposes, not just staying up for no reason.
"In College, we would Pull an All-Nighter almost all the time to get those exams done.
by MeirFiveNight August 7, 2019
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When you stay up all through the night to do whatever you want while everyone else is sleeping. Usually playing video games or reading.
“Yo man, I pulled an all-nighter last night i’m knackered

“Ye i’m gonna pull an all-nighter tonight playing GTA”
by flareings July 7, 2019
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