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1) To inhale marijuana smoke (usually from a bong).
2) To extract the data on a CD or DVD to a hard disk.
1) Holy shit, Eric, that was the biggest bong rip I've ever seen!
2) Do you mind if I borrow and rip that CD?
by Geist May 07, 2005

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1) (n) A hole placed in the side of a pipe or bong. A thumb is placed over it while taking a hit and released just before the use is done inhaling for the purpose of clearing the smoke from the chamber of the device.
2) (n) Abbreviation of carburetor, the part of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine for the purpose of mixing oxygen and petroleum (gasoline).
3) (n) Abbreviation of carbohydrate, a biological compound for the purpose of storing energy.
1) Clear the chamber, release the carb!
2) My carb is busted, I'll stop by the mechanic and get it fixed later.
3) That single french fry probably has 20 grams of carbs in it!
by Geist May 21, 2005

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An apple pipe is a makeshift smoking device. To make one only requires an apple and a pen/pencil and about 30 seconds of time.

Step 1) Pull out the stem of the apple.
Step 2) The indentation in the middle of the apple (where the stem was) is the bowl. Push the pen/pencil halfway through the apple, but DO NOT go all the way to the bottom.
Step 3) Remove the pen/pencil and shove it straight through the apple perpendicular to the hole you just made. This creates the mouthpiece and the carb.
Step 4) Pack the bowl, smoke, and enjoy!
Bob: "I've got the weed and a lighter, where's your pipe?"
Joe: "Oh shit I left it at my house!"
Bob: "No problem, there's an apple in the fridge and there's a pencil over on the table."
Joe: "Nice thinkin'!"
by Geist May 28, 2005

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A term used when one is going an entire night without sleeping at all. Commonly seen at a LAN party.
Dude, Mike! Let's pull an all-nighter tonight and see how long we can play UT2k4 without passing out!
by Geist May 22, 2005

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A bowl of marijuana that has been completely used and will not light.
I think we killed that bowl, put in some more weed.
by Geist May 21, 2005

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