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A new slang of Windows Vista.

Windows vista is shit, the worst operating system, and it has a mind of it's own.

Shit + Windows Vista= Windows Shitsta
No, it's not Windows Vista, it's Windows Shitsta!
by Mysta D May 11, 2009

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An abbreviation for "Be Right Back". Some people use it correctly and some use it as a substitute for leaving a conversation.
Correct Usage:
Ryan: so i saw this prosty in the street

Vinny: brb
Ryan: ooooooookee
-2 Minutes later-
Vinny: back, as you were saying?
Ryan: YAY!

Incorrect Usage:
Ryan: i farted and i could feel something warm in my pants :(
Smithy: brb
-Smithy doesn't return-
*1 hour later*
Ryan: smitheee?, you there?
by Mysta D September 28, 2010

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Is a person who is/adds to more burden on society. Somebody who doesn't care about others. Somebody who has no job and stays on the 'dole' wasting taxpayer money. That and more describes my father.
Person 1: my dad is so awesome :):)
Me: my dad is scum of society who believes deliberately breaking promises is funny :(
by Mysta D January 10, 2011

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Is a person who oftenly/frequently stays up late. Some people stay up til 5am the next day or some just stay up til they get tired...
Joe: fuk, stevo stays up til 2am in da morning bro
Jon: that's becuz stevo's a late nighter kuz
by Mysta D February 05, 2009

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When in extreme disbelief..
They rigged the awards ceremony, so i can win the big prize and it turned out that some other dickhead wins it, THIS IS STRAIGHT OFF BULLSHIT!!.
by Mysta D February 05, 2009

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Tits that are the same or similar size to grenades
she aint worth rootin if she got grenade tits!
by Mysta D March 28, 2010

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Something or someone that is going crazy or mental or pyscho or insane.
Stevo: my vista computer is Going off it's nut!
by Mysta D February 09, 2009

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