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Methylphenidate (AKA Ritalin, et al) in a unique time release, abuse prevention pill casing. The pill itself is not digested, but passes through the stomach and intestines and is intact in the fecal matter. The mechanism involves a small hole on one side of the hard plastic-like pill, and interior which is 1/2 the medication, and 1/2 an expanding inert substance. When the pill enters the stomach, the stomach acid leeches into the hole and causes the inert matter to expand, slowly pushing out the methylphenidate over a number of hours. It is impossible to crush the pill, and even if it is manage to be opened, the drug itself is suspended in substance which makes it impossible to crush to powder and snort or inject. However, Concerta is rarely prescribed if other options are available due to requirements of the pH and amount of stomach acid in the stomach to be correct. Otherwise, the drug can release too quickly, or not fully release, thus passing without a patient fully absorbing the dose.

If you have attention deficit disorder, speak with your psychiatrist about Concerta. No one posting here including myself has the medical license to describe this accurately, even if they are a doctor.
Concerta has a neat shape, fascinating mechanism of release, and absolutely pathetic results as used as an ADHD medication.
by FaqBasher December 29, 2018
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Concerta (methylphenidate) is a sustained-release form of Ritalin, which is also methylphenidate. It is used when taking 3 or so Ritalin tablets in one day is just too much of a pain in the ass and you want to just have one dose and have it remain steady throughout the day. Doses come in 18mg(baige), 27mg(blue), 36mg(white), and 54mg(red) cylindrical tablets. It is the second step down from Adderall(amphetamine-dextroamphetamine) in treating ADD/ADHD.
"I need my Concerta to help me focus throughout the day."
by Jamal March 06, 2005
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A stronger version of Adderall (forget what that jerk below me said) Concerta is a drug that gets you focused. But before that, it JACKS YOU UP HARD. You get twitchy, nervous, anxious, paranoid, and have panic attacks. It drives you crazy, gives you mood-swings and just fucks you up in general. After that stage passes though, you are a laser guided focus machine. I personally take a pretty big 72mg dose, and let me tell you, as soon as the shakes end, I can write a 15 page research paper on a subject I have never studied. Say what you will, but this shit works.
I took some concerta, and I got my paper written in record time. Right after I made a tinfoil hat to keep out the governments mind control rays.
by Demoslocke December 06, 2010
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this is a commonly used drug used for kids with ADHD, (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which i happen to have. it helps people concentrate on their work, and pay attention. If youre like me though, you pop them and stay up for days on end with no sleep, and become increasingly alert and twitchy :) but that MIGHT just be me.
-bro why are you geekin

-i took like 6 54mg pills of concerta and i cant sit still!!!!
by concertaexpert;) November 28, 2009
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1 A drug for ADD that helps you concentrate for 6 hours!! ^_^
2 But you can also use it to stay awake. Its like a caffine pill ^__^
1 I use concerta cus I'm slow!
2. On weekends I take it at 11 then stay awake until 5am!!!
by carol March 25, 2005
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Concerta is a drug used for people who have ADHD. like me! It keeps you alert and really focused on shit. IT CAN ALSO GET YOU JACKED THE FUCK UP!!! If you take four of the white 36mg(144mg) pills or have the equivalent to four of the 36mg pills in the form of the higher or lower sized doses of the drug. Your height and weight may make a difference in how high you get. You can either pop it, snort it, or smoke it. It usually takes 30-45 minutes for it to kick in if you just pop them. If smoked or snorted, it will effect you almost instantly. The high will last between 6-7 hours after you feel it kick in. Most likely you wont be able to go to sleep. I dont think that you can overdose, but if you pop to many of them, you might get a nasty stomach ache though. You should also consider having a reliable person around that will be able to assist you if you actually have any problems. (Your body could possibly become dependent on the drug) Also very importantly, dont get caught with it. If you think that you are about to get caught, you should either throw them out, stash them, or just swallow them all. Dont even worry about it. It isnt the end of the world. Its just a drug that can be easily attained because of the fact that parents think just because you have bad grades means that you have ADD and need to be put on medication in order to make better grades. I take one 36mg pill every morning before school and it keeps me going. It never really helped my grades in school. I can tell you that i never fell asleep during class. It may cause you to have little or no appetite while under the influence of this drug either to get high or to use as prescribed by your doctor. It will stay in your system for atleast 2-3 days as do most amphetamines. It can be a really fun pill to have just incase you have no other means of getting high. Have fun
Dude, i just baught a bottle of concerta from dudeman on the corner so we can get skeed the fuck up tonight!!!
by Stukies April 14, 2005
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An Add drug that is often abused. Alright, you CAN overdose on it, and you shouldnt abuse it if your on any anti depressant, because i can cause a serious but rare syndrome called serotonin syndrome. It's fun to take, but only take one, for someone who doesnt take the meds a lot, it would fuck you up. Oh, and if you do overdose you go into cardiac arrest.. so dont take more than three.
"i need to get some concerta to do my project"
by Ivy league crack December 03, 2008
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