192 definitions by MOCO & P-Phat

A guy that will tap broads of any color (EO for short); the opposite of Pussy Racist
MOCO is Equal Opportunity - "All pussies are pink on the inside!"
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2008
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The opposite of "That's What She Said"; when an innocent statement is interpreted sexually - lack of sexual skill, small pecker, etc. - when in fact the statement refers to something else
P-Phat: Dude, what do you think of my new loft?

MOCO: Dude, it's so small

P-Phat: That's NOT What She Said!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
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New Orleans, LA

Rednecks flock to New Orleans to partake in drunken debauchery; more fitting nickname than the Big Easy, NOLA or the Crescent City
Redneck 1: What we's doin' for Mardi Gras?

Redneck 2: We's gettin' drunk in New Orleans!

Onlooker: More trash coming to The Big Nappy & Unrefined!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2010
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A long, thick cock that a broad chokes on while trying to suck (blow) it
MOCO gave Colleen the choker but she couldn't choke it down!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2008
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In the movie "You, Me & Dupree", Dupree pulled off the Dupree in one of Carl's socks.
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2010
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