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1. A not so common last name, especially among the white population.

2. Way of getting around using the word "nigger" on chatrooms with censorship.
1. "Look hun, my sister just had another baby! Look at this bundle of joy!" "Aww, shes got those Niggar lips!"

"Where is Timmy? He's still asleep... He sure is one lazy Niggar!"

"Sorry that I have to remind you, but you forgot to pay last weeks bill. I know how forgetful you Niggars are when it comes to payin bills!"

by Charlie Murphy May 03, 2004
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A family from the second episode of the second season of Chappelle's Show. The white family with the last name Niggar.Friends with the Wetback family.
You, the Niggars right? That table over there.
by Josh March 22, 2004
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Spanish verb. "niggar - to be a nigger" Niggar should be pronounced with an accent on the g and can be conjugated to fit any tense or amount of people.
---Examples of niggar conjugated---
Nigga - He(she) is being a nigger
Niggas - You are being a nigger
Niggan - They are being niggers

Person 1 (in english): "Tyrone and Latrell just cut in front of all those people that have been waiting in line! That really pisses me off!"
Person 2 (in spanish): "Tyrone y Latrell niggan."

see nigger
by spanishslang August 21, 2009
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Way to describe someone or something that you don't like. May also be used as a transative verb.
Which niggar took the last donut? Or What the niggar do you think your doing?
by Tbone April 22, 2004
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A cigar, rello, usually of the Swisher Sweet or White Owl brand. These normally grape or white grape flavored cigars are used by the people in the hood to break down and roll up BLUNTS.
-Yo, walk up in that gas station and scoop us a few niggars.
-Damn man this niggar is too stale to break down...
by Butterfly Killer January 29, 2014
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