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Short for Cigarello.
A small type of cigar, that is cut open, emptied of tobacco, and filled with marijuana.
Also can be reffered to as the amount of weed you get in a sack, saying, "Thats a rello" meaning it is enough to roll a cigarello
Dude, that rello we smoked earlier burned so niceand slow.

Dude, that dime bag is enough for a couple of rellos
by bone thuugs July 21, 2005
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1. Nickname for Terrell

2. Short for cigarello
1. Hi, my name is Terrell but my friends call me Rello

2. Hey Terrell, Can you pick up two rellos from the gas station for me?
by Rellotip May 04, 2010
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I man who wants to belong but tries way to hard. Usually plays alot of video games and smokes alot of pot. No job, no high school education and lives off the government.
"Get off your ass and stop being a rello!"
by EmpNero May 19, 2007
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A lightskin Nigga wit a big dick that fucked 1 of your cuzins in the past / best friends and probably fucking 1 of them today he also knocks your pussy out of frame
Rello means he has a big dick Run wen he trys and put it in you
by Rello_money27 instagram July 17, 2017
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