the act of willfully allowing one's ears to bleed.
I was Nickelbacking so the school nurse sent me home early.
by aqueoustrans January 3, 2005
To lamely produce something for mass consumption with little care for its originality or creativity.
The client hated the ad so we totally nickelbacked it to get it approved.
by nickelback is evil January 27, 2010
the worst piece of shit ever to come from Canada. A scratchy voiced cock eater, Chad Kroger or some shit, sucked some giant squid genitals and became popular.
"SUCK A COCK LIKE ME," Chad, from nickelback
by aassddfasdasd August 31, 2010
probably the worst band in the world right now. They use the same 3 power chords for every song which attributes to them all sounding the same.The singer (i dont care to remember his name) tries so hard to be eddie vetter but just sucks.the rhythem section is tottaly uninspired and the solos which are rarely heard due to the guitar player sucking are so easy and bland a 3 year old could play them easily. also they often try to appear like rock n roll "bad boys" by :o drinking alchohol. wow slash died for like half an hour when he o.d thats bad. being 25 and in Nickelback and drinkin half a corona thats weak.If anyone actually bothered to play a guitar or any insturment they would realize this band is totally gay
Nickelback sucks. why is rush the only good and talented canadian rock band?
by Caflisch22 July 31, 2006
a group of no talent hacks from hannah alberta who formed a "band". They have no originality and have managed to turn 3-4 songs into several albums by constantly re-writing and re-packaging them. When writing their lead singer and guitarist (chad kroeger) always consults a third grade rhyming dictionary so he can finish the next line of the song, further more to say his guitar skills are rudimentary would be far too kind. hated universally by music critics and people who are not retarded the world over this knock off, mediocre, cheesy band astonishingly sustains a large fan-base. these said fans are referred to as dip-shits. dip-shits often defend shitle-back by pointing to their album sales or their fame and money almost never attempting to defend their artistic integrity, the object usually under attack.
dip-shit: you going to the nickelback concert

me: no they're fucking clown-shoes, I would rather listen to fran drescher while being raped by hitler then go to that suckfest
by nickelbacksucks April 9, 2008
really lame mainstream rock band, all power chords, no creativity, meaningless vocals, etc...

see also: creed
Nickelback? isn't that what your mom gave me when i gave her a quarter for a hand job?
by nave88 October 9, 2007
I was a Digg user until version 4 when they nickelbacked and forced me to switch to reddit.
by and_my_axe September 14, 2010