One who spends all or the majority of his or her free time in a Gym a.k.a. work out facility to impress total strangers.

One who is always lifting weights, running, swimming, etc..etc..anything in hopes of their body reaching total perfection by their own standards. In most cases they will never believe their body is perfect which is why they spend so much time performing these acts.
Bob: Where's Micheal? He was suppose to be here an hour ago.
Jeff: Where do you think he's at? He's a vetter.
by A.C. Ault July 16, 2005
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Pretending to be deaf so that you don't have to listen to your loan officers complaints.
Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve!!!!!
by parkay September 24, 2004
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To call and say ya i'm coming over and not show up.

Or otherwise formally known of the pussy from way back.
To be very pussy whipped and hangout with high school friends.
Me - Hey wanna come over?

Joe Blow - Ya i'll be there man.

2 hours later

Me - hey what happened to that guy that was coming over?
Joe Blow - i said i might and im with my woman.
Me - thanks dude. I've been joe vetter'd.
by baysinger36 June 19, 2010
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"How was the last night? "

"Last night I gave her a dirty vetter and had to buy her new bedsheets!"
by hshsbha May 06, 2020
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An action performed by a person in a position of power that discourages public participation. This verb is most properly used where the person performing the action has at least constructive financial domination over the discouraged group—like a college administrator and her students.
“I went to the Dean asking for a special accommodation and I got totally Vettered.”


“She told me it would’ve been more likely that I receive the requested accommodation if I had said nothing at all.”

“Whoa! That’s messed up!”
by Two Academics One Grant April 03, 2020
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Just another way to use the word better.
Rob was dating a rough girl, we always said “Vetter Vetter you can do better”.
by Bishainator November 26, 2020
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