An area of Birmingham, England. It is located in inner-city Brimingham, one mile north of the city center. It is part of the Aston ward and is situated in between Aston and Lozells. Newtown has one of the highest black populations in the UK, so there are alot of black drug gangs operating in the area. It is also one of the most deprived areas in the UK, and the majority of children growing up there are living in poverty conditions. Avoid the place at all costs unless you want to see a real ghetto.
newtown is the perfect definition of the word 'ghetto'
by snipez February 28, 2006
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Where do you even begin to explain this smalltown up north in the state of Connecticut?

Newtown's residents include many wealthy families, and yet many unwealthy to average families. The town has a gist of each four seasons, feeling the hot, cold, windy, stormy, rainy, snowy, or average weather. Although Sandy Hook is classified as a separate town, it is commonly included in Newtown, seeing as people from both towns attend Newtown Middle School and Newtown High School.

The teenagers in Newtown range on and off from the popular cliche cliques. Most of what happens in this town seems like it is some television show due to the amount of people that:
-smoke pot daily to on the weekends
-come out as bisexual, gay, lesbian, or not sure
-post or show pictures of nudity
-lie to their parents and/or siblings
-have sex or sexual encounters with a couple to many partners before graduating high school
-take birth control or use condoms
-end up being pregnant
-have an abortion, keep their baby, suffer miscarraige, or give their baby up for adoption
-get an std
-perform self-mutilation (cutting, burning, bruising, etc)
-end up with mental disorder (depression, anxiety, etc)
-develop eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overeating, etc)
-drink many times per week, most of the time just to get drunk
-end up in the hospital (for physical and/or mental reasons)
-become severely injured
-need prescription medication
-cheat on their significant other
-cheat on tests, homework, and whatnot
-steal or shoplift
-dye their hair (highlights, combination of colors, brown, blonde, black, red, green, blue, purple, pink, etc)
-end up in therapy or having to go to a special school
-become friends with many people from other towns (brookfield, hartford, shelton, danbury, redding, trumbull, etc)
-spend most to all of their free time on myspace, facebook, and/or aim
-walk throughout the town or hitch rides
-experience their parents divorce, become ill, or pass on
-become suicidal
-skip classes
-run away
-get low self esteem
-get piercings and gages (with or without parental consent; ears, belly button, eyebrows, nose, lip, tongue, facial, etc)
-get tattoos underage
-experiment smoking various things
-experiment with many types of drugs
-sell drugs
-threaten someone (accidently, jokingly, purposely, etc)
-obtain weapon (pocket knife, gun, etc)
-use weapon
-have older-aged people buy them cigarettes
-smoke cigarettes underage and become addicted by or before legal age
-become attention seeking and attempt to do something listed above
-have a similar or different problem than what is listed above
-not be one of the people with such common problems like listed above

Although it may seem that half to three fourths of a teenager's grade does many of those things, there are some good to well-rounded students that have thought about many of those various issues, known someone or many people with one or more of those various issues, made a decision not to do or be associated with any of those things, and try to do well in school.

Many middle schoolers tend to walk after school to local places like:
-big y (including the parking lot)
-dunkin donuts
-andrea's bakery
-dynasty chinese food
-the ice cream shop
-general store

Many hang outs for a wide range of teenagers include:
-the center (big y and the stores surrounding it)
-friend's houses
-woods and streets
-teen center (inside, outside)
-football games
-edmond town hall (inside, behind, in front)
-loews/amc theaters
-local stores
-danbury mall

It could be that in this town you will:
-meet the best friends of your life
-lose the best friends of your life
-fall in and/or out of peer pressure
-find someone that you love
-lose someone that you love
-witness some not great moments
-witness some very great moments
-laugh and cry
-learn something (whether it's from school or not)
-find out what you are passionate about
-feel let down or like you have messed up
-regain what you have lost
-reach self-discovery
Person A: Where are you from?
Person B: Newtown. In Connecticut.
Person A: Oh, how is it there?
Person B: You know...
by simple girl March 01, 2008
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neu-taown - inhabited by rich and poor alike, with one common ground to stand upon: Idiocy. A rare breed found here is the scharf-a-mole...a fiend of the sexual manner, they are sexy and potentially orgasmic.
by El Jefe-Mistar Andy April 27, 2003
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a place somewhere south of nowhere. research has shown men her have smaller brain masses.
by lark215 May 18, 2003
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a town in Connecticut best known for several meth labs and crack houses. Some consider it the worst town in CT. The town's sports teams are known for acting gay and losing to New Milford at halftime. The lacrosse goalies usually wear #3 due to the fact that they are gay. The mascot is a nighthawk in a dress cooking dinner. If possible stay out of Newtown unless you wanted to get bucked.
After losing to New Milford at half time the Newtown lax kids bucked in the shower.
by Craznit November 09, 2011
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