The largest city in Connecticut and the craziest along with New Haven and Hartford. This place is crazy. Hoods are primarily on the east and north sides. Can easily get robbed or killed because people don't ask questions.
most clubs in Bridgeport is hot boxes because shit always gets shot up
by gfromthehood April 27, 2006
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Largest and nastiest city in Connecticut, its what Newark is to Jersey. You're a dumb motherfucker if you aint packing, especially after dark. Primarily known for its high frequency of muggings, violent crimes and easy accessability of drugs. House bombings and home invasions happen on a regular basis. Its inhabitants love to mug and kick the shit out of war vets fresh off the plane. Its main hoods are the east and west ends, with the very affluent sections in the north end including black rock. Everyone slings dope and its educational system is a fucking joke. Put simply this is the ghetto.
kids in class monday morning.
"Nigga i didnt sleep fo shit last nite, muthafukin meth lab next do blew da fuck up."
"Shit nigga dats bridgeport fo you. How i gonna get ma paypa now wit no niggaz to hook me up?"
by jimmy cement shoes August 28, 2008
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bridgeport is not a loving community. They steal crap from other schools because they think its cool and because they dont have anything of their own except bad drugs and guns and clothes from the salvation army. They like phones, ipods...and they like to leave everything open and obvious after they raid it. They basically do it because they get owned in eveything else. They're noobs at what they do best, STEAL. The girls...they are stupid idiots who mistake taking ipods and phones for using the bathroom. No wonder everyone hates them and they are descriminated. Overall, Bridgeport needs help..badly.
"to gurllies les go to tha lcker room nd steal $ pods and ca$h" - Bridgeport
by babiee gurrrl April 11, 2006
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A large city in connecticut even though its a city most part is the suburbs like the northend,tree lawn and black rock sections and the upper east side where houses can fall from $500,000 to 10 million dollars. The city overall is going through a revitalization process which means that in couple of years all the house prices will be going up again, helping connecticut to stay rich.
Hey where are you from kids says brideport you must be poor no not regular bridgeport fucker.
by Billy Embrege October 19, 2006
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It’s a city in Connecticut where you would say this

I’m in the ghetto

Cuzzo: wya??
Me: Bridgeport

Cuzzo: your in the ghetto
by Theghetto December 24, 2019
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Home of the wreckless. Dont get it twisted the realist niggaz live here. unlike new haven and hartford we dont fuck around. The north end can be a lil quite at times but dont fuck around with the east end, west end, marina village.The $tack Boyz nd all the other crews, keep gettin that money dont sleep on da port we comin up mafucka!
dont fuck wit ne1 in bridgeport unless u wanna catch da buck-50 across da face
by CT'Z Finest April 7, 2008
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where the realest goons in ct resides The hoods are dangerous. Niggas be getting shot and robbed board daylight bridgeport is grimmest city in ct. Don't be sleepin on the Daport stay awake some people call it Baby Detroit but It Not ! The port be grinding getting money 24/7 along with new haven and hartford. Bridgeport is also one most dangerous cities in America. Bridgeport be moving the hood economy and the blocks will be wild
dude: come to bridgeport with me
Fairfield: I don't want to get shot
dude: bring bullet proof vest
by finestt293 April 25, 2012
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