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The largest city in Connecticut and the craziest along with New Haven and Hartford. This place is crazy. Hoods are primarily on the east and north sides. Can easily get robbed or killed because people don't ask questions.
most clubs in Bridgeport is hot boxes because shit always gets shot up
by gfromthehood April 27, 2006
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It’s a city in Connecticut where you would say this

I’m in the ghetto

Cuzzo: wya??
Me: Bridgeport

Cuzzo: your in the ghetto
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by Theghetto December 23, 2019
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Home of the wreckless. Dont get it twisted the realist niggaz live here. unlike new haven and hartford we dont fuck around. The north end can be a lil quite at times but dont fuck around with the east end, west end, marina village.The $tack Boyz nd all the other crews, keep gettin that money dont sleep on da port we comin up mafucka!
dont fuck wit ne1 in bridgeport unless u wanna catch da buck-50 across da face
by CT'Z Finest April 07, 2008
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where the realest goons in ct resides The hoods are dangerous. Niggas be getting shot and robbed board daylight bridgeport is grimmest city in ct. Don't be sleepin on the Daport stay awake some people call it Baby Detroit but It Not ! The port be grinding getting money 24/7 along with new haven and hartford. Bridgeport is also one most dangerous cities in America. Bridgeport be moving the hood economy and the blocks will be wild
dude: come to bridgeport with me
Fairfield: I don't want to get shot
dude: bring bullet proof vest
by finestt293 April 24, 2012
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A large city in Southwestern, CT. Not the type of city you want to walk around and enjoy yourself. Tons of crime, shootings, muggings etc. If you ever need to move, do NOT move here, im begging to get the fuck out of here. I cant even go out at night without being followed. This city is BY FAR the crappiest city in New England next to Boston and not one that you want to live in unless you want to become a drug addict and get shot in the near future. I have lost about 3 friends due to shootings here. This place is HELL.
crime shootings connecticut bad cities Bridgeport
by Schlampe8865 August 15, 2011
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