A mansion is a generaly a big house. People like Hugh Hefner can afford to have and live in a mansion.
by Alex Panzer July 9, 2005
Thug mansion) Ain't no place I'd rather be
The only place that's right for me
In a chromed out mansion in paradise
In the sky
Tupac Shakur "Thugz Mansion"
by MC Archi January 24, 2004
Verb. To buy an inexpensive home, spiffy it up with contractual work, and sell it for at least a million bucks.
Five years ago, that gorgeous home was only a shack! Considering all the construction done on it, the owner must've wanted to mansionize it.
by G. Thomas February 14, 2010
A big House generaly lived in by Rich peepz and toffs
Woah, That Jenny lives in a fuckin huge Mansion!!!!!
by VikkinDave January 7, 2009
The most premiere and luxurious house in Tuscaloosa, AL. The Mansion is known for throwing the most outrageous and epic pre-game and late night parties of all time. It has six rooms and is always occupied by girls who know how to party. When you're at The Mansion there are no rules, the doors are always open, being completely black-out is totally accepted, and you can crash there with no invitation. The Mansion is not just a house it's a state of mind. Most say it can be a bit of a black hole, where time you enjoy wasting is really not wasted at all.
It would be hard to date any girl that lives at The Mansion, because if you date one of those hot messes, you date them all.
by mansion roomie July 6, 2010
Getting wasted beyond Housed. Getting Mansioned!
1: "Man... I got Fucked up last night!"
2: "You were fuckin Mansioned last night."

1: "Nigga you got housed last night!"
2: "My ass was inside a Mansion..."

Make sense of it, I don't know.
by MDPL8708 August 3, 2008