Ejaculating on a passed out female in the state of CT without actually touching her, which was legal prior to new legislation.
Don't get drunk and pass out here, or Diamond might Uconn you.
by 65 pearl October 2, 2006
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a drinking school with a basketball problem

right in the middle of farm country, there's nothing to do, so we play ball and get wasted
we got two 30 packs, a bottle of bacardi dark, a bottle of jim beam, some absolut, a 1/4 oz of the chronic and 1.5 grams of blow and some blunts, and yeah, that was my spring weekend
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Notice that most if not all of these definitions associate UConn with drinking and basketball. Well for those of you who don't go to this school I want to give a better view.

UConn is the University of Connecticut. Its main campus is located in Storrs, CT. It is, in fact, one of the greatest schools of this nation, as you will find it in the Top 100 Universities list of many critics and websites. The University has outstanding Schools of Business, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medicine among others.

Student life here is just what others mentioned - partying. The University is located in a town that wouldn't be known at all if it wasn't for the university. Surrounded by trees and farmland, isolated from the rest of the world, the students sort of have to spend their weekends on campus getting drugged and wasted for fun. It's a pity, really, because after a while it gets boring and to cure that boredom you abuse yourself even more.

Students at this campus are very big on watching basketball and are fans of their Huskies, some more than others.

The University has the biggest university newspaper in the entire (small) state - The Daily Campus.
Person1: What are you doing this weekend?
Person2: What I do every weekend. If we don't throw up in celeron, carriage, hilltops, teds, sgt peps and our dorms then i'll call it a disappointing night.
Person1: Yeah and we'll sleep next to the toilet. It's gonna be AWESOME!!!! GO UCONN!!!
by Fockerboy March 1, 2010
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The greatest basketball school in the country that produced players such as Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Nykesha Sales, Rip Hamilton, Emeka Okafor, and Ben Gordan.
by UconnFan December 31, 2005
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The largest public university (and primier party school) of New England.
You know you go to UConn if...

1. You live in Storrs CT at all
2. You walk miles to get to football games
3. You can fill all the spots in a 10-person drinking waterfall and still go to 8 AM classes the next morning
4. You hate Northeastern University for taking the husky as their official mascot first
5. A tent is your dorm room during basketball season
by Sid Barrett February 22, 2008
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Better than you, asshole; 2004 Men's Basketball Champions, 2004 Women's Basketball Champions, and 2004 Motor City Bowl Champions; Toledo's daddy; where the best athletes learn; University of Connecticut
Duke is nowhere near as good as UConn. UConn is the greatest sports team in the world! Toledo got killed by UConn, 39-10.
by UCONN OWNS TOLEDO, BITCH January 3, 2005
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When your experiences with your new lover are so off the charts amazing they make everyone else you've ever been with seem like losers. A champion lover. When every experience with someone is a winner and your body, mind, and soul are all jumping for joy and cheering.
"Dude! We thought you went into witness protection. Where have you been?"
"Sorry man, girlfouled. She's Uconnic."

"What's the score on your new man?"
"Uconnic! I'm utterly smitten."
by Blondezvous2u April 10, 2013
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