commonly known as Newport Beach, is the social area where the young are wild and free. Located near the water when the funfilled beach scene fills the air.
"Ey brah, lets go get wasted at the Newps tonight"
by JaneTheSwoldier February 12, 2014
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North East White Pride. Organisation that talks about Fascism and Nazism. Informative, you don't have to be a nazi or fascist to come here, you can look for answers or have your questions answered.
(on the NEWP forum)
Si: Sieg Heil!
Hermit: yes! HH!
by Your NEWP friend April 13, 2006
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New pants, specifically worn by the elite squad in 202. These can't be just any "new pants." They MUST me purchased in the men's section of Walmart and be maroon and fuzzy on the inside. Despite the passage of time, Newps will never be considered old. They will always be new.
Jim: "Hey Ash and Meg are those your Newps? They are looking super stylish and warm. I wish I had a pair of my own."


"So Newps?"
by Sisterhoodofthetravelingnewps December 13, 2016
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This is a nerdy way to type "no" in online games, it sounds just like "nope".
-Did ya get dat kewl epixx last night?
-Newp, no luck.
by Valxxx November 30, 2007
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