The District, Chocolate City, D.C., but it ain't Washington. Home of Go-Go.

Washington District of Columbia

We rep the 202, what up CC?
by mack February 19, 2005
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A six cylinder engine made by Holden, for use in older models, such as the HQ to HZ Kingswoods, the VB to VK Commodores, and the WB Statesman, Caprice, and commercial vehicles. Also used as a replacement engine for old Land Rovers
Check out that VK with the supercharged 202!
by Holden rocks September 13, 2003
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a cool ass nigga. from DC, mostly Southside niggas. 202 men are mostly quiet, smart, juvenile, or violent. they know how to fight and aren't afraid to fight.
Awe, he cool. He seem like a " 202 nigga "
Aye forreal, I think he probably a 202 nigga
Aye, that man right there 202 bruh yhu can tell
by obviously a 202 nigga😁 February 6, 2019
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A person mostle male, who rep the District. the Chocolate City, Though not Washington the home of Go-Go. The person is named Mr.202 because they love their Go-Go and the home of it.
Mr.202: Baltimore Music is nothing like CCB, TCB, ABM, REACTION, or any DC Bands.
Person: Oh yea how would you know?
Mr. 202: Because DC started Go-Go so they are official && I love DC.
by Breezy UPT August 17, 2007
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Someone that is literally incapable of breathing,as repressed by the horrid MC.202. Other wise saying there retarded
"The special ed class is full of MC.202's".
by Tit-piolter February 20, 2018
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When faced with a choice between saving your mother or the monster energy manufacturing plant, you must choose the monster plant. every time, no exceptions.
Columbian drug lords are holding my mom inside the monster energy plant, they say i have to choose which to save but the other will be eliminated. sorry mom rule 202.
by mrfuzzles1254 June 4, 2011
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When someone has your back but throws you under the bus when the pressure is on.

My colleague had convinced me to speak up to the boss about an idea that wasnt popular but when my boss disagreed my colleague pulled a 202 Tommy and I got fired.
by D MacFarland November 9, 2007
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