A large community website that is famous for the variety of flash cartoons and games presented on it by it's users and (sometimes) it's creators. Although famous for it's reputation of being an offensive website in it's early years, recently it has developed into an extremely well-done site for all ages (if you look at the rating system) It plays host to over 250,000 cartoons and games. The famous Numa Numa Dance was first broadcasted on the site. It is also famous for being thieved upon by websites like Ebaum's World and Flashplayer. Creators Tom and Wade Fulp have created 2 console flash games.
Mike: Man did you see that awesome cartoon on Newgrounds that came out last week?
Tom: But ebaums said it was made today.
by mfprod July 30, 2005
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Quite possibly the best site in the world. Tons on flash, games. Porn, for all of you losers out there looking for stick-figure hentai e-zine or whatever the fuck you nerds like. Newgrounds kicks ass!
Usually people check out sections of Newgrounds for stuff, but forget that there is a search engine...
by horror_blood October 21, 2003
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A nice site with plenty of good flash movies on there (Sprite flashes are my favorite) however, there are tons and tons of freaking porn ads on there that takes away a lot of my respect for the site, not to mention they allow a LOT of dirty flash movies to be on there, which is a minus in my book.
One of my main problems with NG, is that there are too MANY biased immature users, as in I go to review a movie (Foamy comes to mind, I personally think its devoid of anything funny, and one of the worst movies on NG) I leave my review, I keep it honest, and try to be as nice as I can, and I get bombarded with negatives on "Did you find this review helpful"

Geez, its as if people sit there all day and flag review entries with negatives.

Other than those crucial downfalls of the site, I think its a really enjoyable time-waster.
by Not Zane August 26, 2004
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The e-home of the general population of teenagers. Teens seeking their daily doses of violence, comedy, sexuality, and fun, flock to Newgrounds in mass numbers to take part in the beautiful chaos that is flash.

But behind Newgrounds is it's dirty little secret of a message board where the devious users of Newgrounds discuss everything from not so dead dead users, beloved jailed stalkers, pervisions, e-marriages, to how someone's girlfriend's breasts got larger.

If Newgrounds were a brand new shiny silver refridgerator with a built in TV..than The Newgrounds BBS would be the mystery meat in the tubberware container from your old fridge which is now in your new fridge. You're not so certain how it got in the new fridge but it gives you that familiar warmth of the good ol days while all along reaking of crap.
"I'm sorry I'm late, I had to deposit my experience on Newgrounds and FBIpolux just had this wicked topic involving Mary and Neph and it was too great not to read till the end..so where are we? Oh ya right! marriage! Yah yah I do"
by Vegeton October 12, 2005
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A great site for wasting time. But it is filled with many retarded prepubescent twats that vote 0 on everything and constantly misspell 'fag'.

Other than that, like I said before, a great fucking time waster.
Guy #1: Woo that toon kicked ass! Thank you invisible man in the sky for this site!

Guy #2: Dude, all of my cartoons got excellent reviews, yet were blammed. What the fucking hell?!

Dumb Twat: OMG That cartoon sucked ass! I don't like gay stuff or anything so ur a fg! fg!!!!
by Cheesecake Truck September 29, 2004
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A once great flash site that has been ruined by new users voting either 5 or 0, nothing in between, when viewing movies.
Remember when Newgrounds rocked? Yeah, too bad it sucks now. Stupid noobs .
by FreePablo January 05, 2004
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a hella awesome website with lots of and , HELL YEAH!
Since my parents installed a blocker on my computer, I always go to newgrounds to jack off.
by Tereth January 24, 2005
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