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one who follows a political philosophy otherwise known as marxism which sought to create a society in which people geared their lives towards the benefit of the community as a whole as oppose to yourself. communism has been bastardized over the years, and an extremeley comon misconception has risen in which people view other philosophies such as stalinism, maoism, trotskyism, bolshevism etc. to be communism when in truth they are seperate systems that used communism as the carrot on a stick of political oppresion to consolodate their power. while the philosophy in itself is a noble venture, people as of now are not ready to embrace it, as they tend to posess all the metality and goodwill of a spoiled two year old. it is also worth noting that communism is socialism, but socialism is not communism
if marx was alive during the "communist" revolutions and governemtns, he would of been pissed off to see the very thing he opposed oppress the people while stealing his name in order to justify it
by wwwwoooooooo! September 9, 2006
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hydroponically grown marijuana. ever since the term's introduction to the 11-13 year old demographic, every fucktard who's never touched weed feels an insatiable need to talk about how much dro they smoke
few people even know what the fuck dro is
by wwwwoooooooo! September 13, 2006
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a cultural movement later bastardized by corporations to give rise to rap
hip hop has substance to it. rap doesn't
by wwwwoooooooo! August 27, 2006
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Cthulhu (commonly preceeded by "Great" or Old" is a monstrous being belonging to a group of entities known simply as the "Old Ones" which ruled over the Earth and allegedly warred with the Elder Things before the time of man. Great Cthulhu currently remains imprisoned in the great cyclopean, sunken city of R'lyeh (assumed to be near Valparaiso) in a death-like state awaiting the day the stars are right, when he will resume his glorious rule of earth in an orgy of destruction.

While psychicly sensitive humans have been contacted by Cthulhu through telepathy (which is assumed to be the "language" of the Old Ones), the only reported sighting by a human in recorded history occured on March 23, 1925. This was twenty-two days after R'lyeh rose above the water, only to sink once more shortly after when the merciful stars' shifting position caused Cthulhu to resume his death (the conditions required for R'lyeh to rise are also required for the Old Ones to live). This was reported by Gusaf Johansen, the only remaining crew member of the Emma. He later died under mysterious circumstances in his hometown of Oslo.

Cthulhu is described as resembling a green humanoid with draconian wings, and a head resembling an octopus (though it is believed Cthulhu is not composed of matter. While it is a common misconception that Cthulhu is evil, it is worth noting that he/it appears to be amoral, viewing humans as pests (akin to human views and actions with insects).
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn
by wwwwoooooooo! August 8, 2006
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A city sunken under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. R'lyeh houses the Old One Great Cthulhu who lies dead but dreaming. When the stars assume the correct position, R'lyeh will rise above the water, but when the stars are not right, R'lyeh will sink once more.
R'lyeh's architecture does not follow Euclidian Geometry, but it is unknown whether it is hyperbolic or ellipsoid.
R'lyeh is no place for man
by wwwwoooooooo! August 10, 2006
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A bong is a smoking device whose origins lie somewhere in or around Vietnam. A standard bong generally consists of a glass tube with the stem, and a removable bowl (though there are pieces with carburators and fixed bowls). The body is filled with water until the stem is submerged about one inch (less for smaller bongs), the bowl is inserted into the stem (with smoking material), and the smoking material is introduced to an open flame as the user lowers the air pressure in the chamber by sucking, causing smoke to be drawn through the water and filtered (a precooler may be inserted in the stem for better filtration). The user then, while sucking, removes the bowl and sucks, causing the smoke to be forced into the lungs.

Bongs offer health benefits as bong water tends to remove a number of carcinogens, lowering the smoker's chances of contracting illnesses such as lung cancer. For marijuana users, the bong offers a better high than most other methods (except for oral administration), as the smoke is less harsh, and quite cool (even more so when mixed with ice), enabling the inhalation of more smoke.

With marijuana use, bong water can be saved, and after being stored for a period of time, a slimy resin can be collected from the bottom of the container and smoked. However, drinking of bong water is not advised, as it contains negligible amounts of THC and higher levels of carcinogenic material
don't drink the bong water
by wwwwoooooooo! October 7, 2006
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extension for a bong used to aid filtration of smoking material. usually filled with warm as oppose to cold water to catch ash that might otherwise be introduced to the smoker's lungs
pre-coolers give smoother hits
by wwwwoooooooo! October 7, 2006
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