Also MGS.

The latter half of the Metal Gear video game series published by Konami and produced by rockstar director Hideo Kojima. Includes Metal Gear Solid (PSOne, later remade and published on the Gamecube as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes), Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2, later rereleased with extra non-story missions on the PS2 and Xbox as Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance), and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2).

The first MGS innovated a style of gameplay that would eventually lead to the explosion of the stealth genre (which would include well-noted titles such as Splinter Cell), which focused on avoiding enemies through stealth rather than engaging them in combat. MGS2 further developed the gameplay of its predecessor by adding new ways of navigating environments, as well as the ability to aim weapons in a first-person view.

All titles in the series are extremely story-heavy, and are notable for their graphic quality which is often years ahead of most other games, well-directed cutscenes, exceptional voice acting, and controversial postmodern concepts.

The series is generally regarded as one of the best ever produced in video gaming, and competes with efforts such as Ico as the most artistically relevent title to come out of the fledgeling genre.
by Danin April 9, 2004
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A revolutinary Series that will continued to be loved for years to come. Other Games have tried to beat MGS at it's own game (i.e. Splinter Cell) but don't even come close. Once you've played a Metal Gear Solid game, you will never forget the great time you had playing this game. Directed by Hideo Kojima, the best game maker ever, and music by Harry Gregson-Williams the greatest music composer ever, It will never be forgotten in the gaming world. (Unlike Splinter Cell)
by The True Spikes July 11, 2005
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A sequal to the "Metal Gear" series on the Playstation1.

Centers around a Hostage Situation on a secret military base that isn't what it seems....
Metal Gear Solid is a good stealth game.
by John May 19, 2003
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revolutionized video gaming from random shootings to actually requiring tactical stealth ..aka: a little bit of style ;)!
ps : if u have to say “solid” to make sense of the game title ur not hardcore. repeat after me .. “i - must - find - metal - gear - and - fall - in - love - with - solid - snake!”...u can skip the last 7 words if u like ...
p1: are u a fanboy?
p2: yeah..but only for metal gear!
by luvsolidsnake January 1, 2004
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A mouthy overwritten game with guards who have astigmatism and some of the worst stealth (try Thief kiddies) ever imagined and a plot that makes as much sense as a clown tap dancing on mars.
"Metal gear solid 3 was the only good one."
"MGS2 made no sense."
by CtrlAltCorrupt January 3, 2010
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A great series of 3 (so far) games. The later sequels of the original "Metal Gear" series. These games have more emphasis on stealth, rather than having the best weapons and the most ammo. The point of the game is to sneak around as many guards as possible. If you happen to be caught, the guard will call for reinforcements, and in other words, you're screwed unless you can find a place to stay. Great games overall.
Person 1: "Dude I was just playing Metal Gear Solid and I was just tryin to shoot all the guards, but I died in like twenty seconds!"

Person 2: "Dude, you're supposed to try to sneak around them."
by b00jan May 29, 2006
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