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1. Forum slang for 'Got My Vote.' It's often used in support forums because they often host graphic battles, but can be used in any occasion.

2. Game Music Video. It's a video of a set of clips from a game and all tied together with music.
1. That guy GMV! He has professional graphics and smooth brush effects. Plus, I use almost all of his graphics daily!

2. I uploaded this GMV because I was so bored and because I love Devil May Cry 4.
by MisaTange July 6, 2009
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A weekly event hosted at the social networking site Twitter. It's where you can recommend your followers to follow more people.
An example of a Follow Friday tweet...

Heya guys! Considering Follow Friday... @eddsworld @thetomska @cinemassacre
by MisaTange July 8, 2009
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The term 'using the ban hammer' is 'short' for banning someone, if you are an administrator or a moderator. It is more often used at forums.
VocaloidsRule: Hey, have you heard? NinjasRAwesome used the ban hammer on Kailuvshisporn!

KakashiHatake: Oh, what did he do?

VocaloidsRule: Post porn! Couldn't you guess from the name?
by MisaTange July 5, 2009
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A unique article-making web site where it has anything. You can make articles, anyone can make articles, talk about the articles you, your friend, or a total stranger, has posted. The disadvantage of anyone can edit/make articles is that anyone can post anything that isn't true. However, Wiki's, or how it's abbreviated, users can report an article to a moderator and they will restore the text ASAP or close to the text. Wikipedia is often not trusted on by schools because of that simple disadvantage.
Wikipedia is an awesome web site, despite the fact that's it's user-powered.
by MisaTange July 6, 2009
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A word created by Lanipator the Abridger, who has voice acted unprofessionally in many Abridged anime versions, it means you got pwned by Lanipator. It is often used as comeback to LittleKuriboh.
Lanipator: Oh yeah! Lanipwned!

LittleKuriboh: Dude, Lani... -_-
by MisaTange July 7, 2009
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A web site that is filled with flash entries, games, and music you can use as long as you credit the user, people who are recognized are normally people who are popular, like Tom Fulp's games and flash entries. When you rate on the 0-5 scale, you can get experience points, usually when you rate five times on different flash/games submissions. By rating, you can blam, or delete, or protect, or save from deleting, a flash/game/audio submission. Sometimes Newgrounds is called The Portal.
Newgrounds is an okay web site, it's just like YouTube, except with epic soundtrack, decent games, and awesome flashes submitted into the Portal.
by MisaTange July 7, 2009
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1. Japanese for 'it is.' Often used at the end of sentences.

2. A huge 4chan meme that sorta went on to other sites. Suiseiseki, a character from the anime/manga Rozen Maiden, are nearly always mentioned. It usually is in motivational posters with Suiseiseki.
1. Kawaii desu!

2. Cheese, it is awesome, desu!
by MisaTange July 7, 2009
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