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What EVERYONE, including the imposter says besides the person who reported the dead body.
Blue: finds body in medbay
Everyone else: WHEREO
by JarvisBanned October 4, 2020
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something that kills me in minecraft 99.98% of the time, usually happens the very next second after i find diamonds or ancient debris.
User1 tried to swim in lava.
by JarvisBanned December 30, 2021
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6ix9ine, Jake Paul, Morgz, and other annoying cunts on youtube.
They’re clowns cuz they post crap that aint content.
by JarvisBanned May 30, 2020
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so called “Spark Knight for the Knights of Favonius” or in other words, a child arsonist
Klee is best Pyro in the game idc what anyone says
by JarvisBanned March 10, 2021
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a pretty cool website where user upload pretty cool content like games, music, animations, and more. it was created by Tom Fulp, a pretty cool guy and was later popularized by friday night funkin, a pretty cool flash game that crashed the site
ok time to go see what’s cool on newgrounds right now.
by JarvisBanned May 2, 2021
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a place on discord where moderators don’t want memes
by JarvisBanned November 16, 2020
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The worst year in history. Some very unfortunate things happened. We almost had World War 3,Australia was on fire, and now Covid-19,which causes you to be locked in you house bored until who knows when and causes all toilet paper to say imma head out. Some people say that this is punishment by god for making the cats movie.
Me: 2020 will be the greatest year.

Out of nowhere: memes, plagues, potential world war, and so much more.

me: frick
by JarvisBanned April 16, 2020
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