Nevada” is a derivative of a Spanish word meaning snow-clad. The official colors of Nevada are blue and silver, and one of Nevada’s nicknames is the Silver State. The state slogan, Battle Born, was adopted because Nevada became a state during the Civil War, on October 31, 1864. In 1939, October 31st was declared a state holiday—Nevada is the only state to commemorate the date it joined the Union through a state holiday. Nevada also has a state song, “Home Means Nevada,” which was written by Bertha Raffetto and adopted in February 1933.
Nevada is a jewel with many facets—from its desert landscapes to its towering mountain peaks; from pristine Lake Tahoe to the unparalleled Great Basin National Park; from its rustic small towns to the glittering Las Vegas strip to the fastest growing cities in the United States.
Nevada is the home of Hoover Dam, formerly the highest concrete dam in the U.S. Hard hats worn by construction workers were invented specifically for the construction of Hoover Dam.
Gambling was legalized in the State of Nevada in 1931. Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city on earth, and it also has most of the largest hotels on earth. Tourism-related industries, such as hotels and casinos, are the largest employers in Nevada.
Nevada is a place you can divorce someone you have married too soon.
by alvit April 26, 2009
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To be super late for something because you're taking your sweet time finishing something that only matters to you—and you know that everyone else in the group is waiting on you.
"My boss nevadas every staff meeting, I'll be home late."

"Don't invite Sheila, she'll nevada on us and we won't get to the party until 11."
by Lesbrarian November 6, 2020
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the state that’s taking too damn long to count its votes
dude nevada’s been counting they’re votes for four fucking days
by lighltysalted November 7, 2020
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about 7/8 of the state is desert wasteland; almost the entire population of the state lives in urban vegas, reno-sparks, or along lake tahoe; nevada is famous for legalized gambling, legalized prositution, corrupt politicians, and mexican migrant workers
nevada is a good place to get a quickie from whore and blow all your fuckin' money on blackjack.
by StatesDude April 4, 2004
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Would be fucked if it didn't have Las Vegas.
Anything outside Las Vegas is nothing but desert when it comes to Nevada.
by GaMeRuInEr September 14, 2006
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I have lived in Nevada for many years and have found it to be a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The state is filled with beautiful landscapes that encompass the splendor of Lake Tahoe’s snow covered mountains and the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert.

Nevada is filled with hard-working people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Its rich history and western spirit make Nevada a unique and magnificent place to live.
Living in Nevada is just like rolling dice with your life.
by alvit June 26, 2009
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The most kickass place in the US. Well, Reno-Tahoe is. Vegas is pretty suckish. In Reno-Tahoe you can kayak, jetski, ATV, and a whole bunch of other stuff. In Vegas, all you can do is get laid for 5 bucks. UNR also has a better football team than UNLV. And it's Ne-vA-da, not Ne-vAH-da.
Nevada is pretty awesome.
by mrmoose555 January 31, 2011
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