To take a chance. To risk exposing yourself to criticism by not following through on a task.
I should check each individual backup folder, but instead I will roll the dice and hope they all completed.
by Blazinga January 05, 2010
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to masturbate; the motion of a guy masturbating is similar to that of rolling some dice
"What are you doing she asked?" She asked.
"Rolling the dice bitch!"
by Professor Booty May 25, 2004
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to have unprotected sex, especially with a stranger. Refers to the risk involved by potential for STD infection or accidental pregnancy.
Dave: Dude, I had to roll the dice with this hot chick from the party last weekend.

Jim: Was it worth it?

Dave: I'll let you know in a few weeks.

Jim: Wrap it before you tap it, bro.
by JackJohnsonoff March 30, 2012
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This a jamaican term created in 2010 which means direspecting, tricking and scaming an individual
"The lotto scammer roll and diced the young woman"

"he was sent to the principal because he had roll and dice the teacher"
by College yute November 01, 2012
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