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Latin abbreviation for the literal translation of "and shit", specifically, "et merda". Just like "etc." (and so forth), "i.e." (that is), and "e.g." (for example), "etm." can be used to abbreviate "and shit".
At the farmer's market I got tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, etm.

I was just taking care of bills etm. before he came over.
by Lesbrarian April 06, 2010

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A portmanteau of librarian and lesbian signifying a librarian who is also a lesbian.
A group of lesbrarians shushed the crowd at the Vancouver Dyke March.

How could you not know she was a lesbrarian - she works in the women's studies department!
by Lesbrarian September 25, 2009

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A portmanteau of lesbian and library; possibly a back-formation from lesbrarian. A library focused on lesbian or women's studies.
I went to the Schlesinger Lesbrary at Radcliffe to look at some of Gertrude Stein's letters.

Dude, if you want to meet chicks, don't go to that lesbrary...
by Lesbrarian September 26, 2009

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A douchebag who is also bad-mannered.
Did you see that gauchebag from the law school picking his fingernails with his fork?
by lesbrarian November 04, 2010

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To proactively actualize. For example, to seek out, identify and implement an envisaged improvement to a business process. A portmanteau of proactive and actualize. Favored by management consultants.
He proactualized the implementation of the empowerment of the new VP to accomplish the objectives for which she was recruited.

Our immediately utilizable recommendations ameliorating the Q3 challenges also include proactualization of the various deliverables envisaged in the penultimate section of the following management oversight review.

Proactualize THIS, sucker... (spoken while placing a resignation letter on a project manager's desk.)
by Lesbrarian April 10, 2010

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A crappy piece of software that should no longer be used but has been left around for backside compatibility. A portmanteau of defecate and deprecated.
Internet Explorer 6 was defrecated years ago.

I can't believe people are still using that defrecated Twitter API.
by Lesbrarian September 16, 2010

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