a very addicting online game in which you try to get virtually rich
dude, you still go on neopets? i havn't been there in ages... it started taking over my life so i had to quit.
by lena January 27, 2004
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A place where you meet people, no not children (usually high school or college students) become their friends, are very close for months on end and are suddenly betrayed... They don't give a damn because they can't see you. And yet you keep playing because the site is more addictive than cigarettes.
Guild Leader: I'm waiting for this stupid guild to die so I have an excuse to quit neopets
Me: What?!
Guild Leader: Fuck off I'm a problem drinker
by Michelle P. September 05, 2007
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Neopets is a virtual online game, enjoyed by many players however due to this there are many flaws.
Make neopoints, take care of your neopets, play games that are rip offs of classics and put better productivity (making neopoints) into it, collect numerous amounts of things (neocards, tcgs, item specific galleries, ect) with a wide variety of difficulties. Lots of challenging stuff but extremely addictive and time consuming.
Cheaters and crackers, scammers and nOObs often threaten your enjoyment of the site, and making neopoints often works better for those with faster connections, however anyone can make nps and become rich if they play enough.

Anti-cheat attempts are often pothetic and useless, general public pleasers.
Over advertised, and with an overwhelming amount of players (TNT is over critisized, personally, I'd like to see YOU do better without going bankrupt or selling out to some stupid advertising company, not that they couldn't do better, but they could do worse too! (really) And they do care about members, however there are so many that giving them individual attention is near impossible)

TNT desperately needs to find more productive and efficient ways to make money, and need to hire more staff to manage boards and handle glitches and cheats. Perhaps even take a month off of adding new items and just go around freezing people who deserve it.

Also, contrary to popular belief about 90% of neopians frozen DESERVE it, I've never cheated and never been frozen (I've been playing for about 16 months now, and have grossed 40+ million, and though I may have a fairly fast internet connection I still made around 4 million on DIAL UP from before I got high speed ;))

It is very strict, but don't break the rules and you won't be frozen, simply put.
False reporting DOESN'T work, if you are frozen after being falsely reported it is likely you've broken another unrelated rule.

Rules are not properly cited, and lost of people get warnings/suspensions for things they don't even know are against the rules, TNT severely needs to be more specific with current neorules and expand on them, as well as add the less obvious rules, for the morons out there that can't peice together logically cited rules (such as about 50% of the population who have not yet reached puberty)

Change is inevitable, but it is colourful, and nice at times, depending on your mood it can be very enjoyable, but try and stay away from being competitive (it only ends in disappointment)

I still enjoy neopets, and it's fun in a lot of ways, but it can get really frustrating and depressing sometimes. (and perhaps enduce pessimistic thoughts such as giving up with human life and the will to kill one self)

Glitches and flaws are horrible, so overall I'd say it's not something you want to get addicted with, if you do choose to play be ready for many dissapointments, evil temptations, some enjoyment, and anger at TNT because of the flaws or just because everyone else is angry at TNT)

A little scatterbrained as always, but I feel this gives a more clear explanation, compared to the pessamistic, over angered crap already given that only gives the bad sides of things. Though there is a lot of bad, it's overall a fun game, just don't get too into it XD

Here's a nice chart to sum it up:
Points of dissapointment and pessimism:
- Messy boards, overly strict censory on what you can say, lots of annoying children or morons on the boards.
- Lots of advertisments that cause lag and glitches
- Lots of programming errors or other major flaws that get really annoying.
- Addictive, and may cause competitiveness.
- Overpopulated causing overloaded servers and painful lag, as well as attracting the attention of evil or miserable cheaters, low lifes, and basically people who want to ruin your day. (take "dupe day" for example)
- Many conceited children who make the 'upper class' a giant drama pool.
- Difficult to learn your way around, as it is so big.

Points of enjoyment and optamism:
- There are lots of great people you can meet, if you search deep enough.
- Working hard does get you somewhere, just not as far as the cheaters which is why you don't want to be competitive or addicted.
- Lots and lots of colourful things to do, which can be enjoyable long term or short term entertainment, even if uncreative and repetitive at times.
- If you do nothing wrong and can understand the rules and TOS you only have a 5% chance of being frozen every year, so play for 20 years and you should be frozen by then, so try not to get connected XD
- Lots of HUGE and amazing challenges, which make it competitive and addicting.
- It's always there, though with annoying downtime and glitches.
- There's plenty of humour on the site, if you know where to look.
- Constantly updated content, though it takes away from the other parts of the site.
- Some creative games and activities, though they usually cause too much interest which generates more lag and glitches.
I'm going to go play neopets.
Neopets is fun and entertaining, though a flawed game, but don't go overboard with the pessamism.
And lastly, avoid the nOObs, and the boards unless you're in the mood. There's plenty of opertunities for fun on neopets! Just keep your eyes open and balance it with your life ;)
by existant D: March 09, 2006
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OK When I was younger I would go around playing neopets as it was a great site bsck then.... But then it started.

Neopets has to many advertizments. On every page you would see "Click here and get a $500 zellers girf card free!" or "lucky charms!" All of there games suck. In the game Faerie Bubbles, you have to score 1,000,000 to win a bloody trophy! Witch takes forever as they only give you 50-80 points a level. I had E-maild neopets the other day saying that I knew a scammer that scammed me and was reporting him but he still romed free. They desided to freze me becuse I was scammed. I got a new accont and had 80 million neopoints on it but they froze me becuse they thought that I was a scammer. Neopets is to adicticing, they have games like poogle races, black gack, bets, the lottery, and some really weird game of poker. Whith all of this you child is sure to be a gammbeler before he's/shes in 1 grade! My neopets have been dying for the last 2 years. WHEN DO THE FUCKEN THINGS DIE????? Is supposed to be a vitual pet comuniy. But no its not. All the pets can do is eat, fight, and thats about it. You want a better game? Go and play runescape! There staff are lazy blood sucking people. That only care about money and not the users. With all of these pathetic scammers the newbies are never going to be rich. A moditor that I knew was working WITH a scammer to help her get 600,000,000np!
A staff member: I'm freezeing you!
Me: Why?
A staff member: Because I had a bad day so really for no reson.
Me: Why would you do this?
A staff member: Say by by to your neopets MUH HAHAHAHAHA!
by neopetssuck September 02, 2007
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A popular online gaming site created by Adam Powell about five years ago. You start off by creating a neopet and taking care of it, and then you proceed to play games for neopoints, or the games form of currency. With these neopoints you can buy items such as paintbrushes to make your pets interesting colors or buy items for the battledome where your pets can challenge others. The game may seem rather kiddish, but many teens play the game just for fun, perhaps to rp their pets or chat with others. The game may seem pointless because there is no end, but if you have a lot of free time and a love for virtual pets sites, this one, by many, is considered to be the best.
If you say neopets sucks, I will personally annihalate you with every weapon in my possession.
by Ian December 22, 2003
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A site over thrown by furries .
"Weird furries are the only people who use neopets."
by giulietta October 22, 2007
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The site that sucks big time for all the reasons that others mentioned
User2: HA, lyk u dint got d faerie doll avie yet, i hav it!!
User1: :(
Anti-Neopian: Losers.
So guys, please don't visit Neopets. Ever.
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
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