Weird means different. Different means unique. Unique means YOURSELF.
so be WEIRD!
by Sirsnowytoes May 11, 2017
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Me. You. Everyone around us. We are all weird. Thats what makes us unique.
"Shes so weird"
"Well so are you. And so am i. Look around us. Everyone is weird"
by Babypumpkin001 August 3, 2015
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My pineapple sauce is giving me a weird erection. I like it.
by BloodySunShine April 30, 2015
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someone who is themselves and isn't fake like everyone else
person 2- ...
person 2- lolz everyone is weird ;-;
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Guy one: That's so weird!
Guy two: I believe you mean, "That's so awesome"
Guy one: Same thing, dude!
by GenericUsername123 February 26, 2011
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A word used by many people which is usually meant to be negative. If someone calls you weird it's usually because you're saying something or acting different than another person would. People don't know how to handle this so than they just respond by saying "You're so weird!!!!"
person a : what bands do you like?
person b: hmm i like blink-182
person a: youre so weird! ew. i only listen to the radio.
by batwoman la sarah July 21, 2009
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Unique and Beautiful. Everyone who is weird adds a bit of imagination and creativity to the world. Some would say that being called"weird" is an insult, but to me, it is a compliment. If I were to be called weird, I would feel so happy and proud of myself. I think the strangest of people and the weirdest of people are the ones who will change the world in unimaginable ways. They will make the entire world believe that the impossible is possible. They are incredible human beings and the best kind of friends. I hope that anyone who has a weird quality embraces it and views it as a gift, not a curse. Everyone should have a little weirdness in them. :)
"Your friends are so weird."
"That is why I love them so much."
by A Fellow Weirdo November 13, 2017
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