1. No Problems

Used to inform someone that it was no hassle/problem.
by strider3028 August 28, 2007
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Hey Bob thanks for giving me Money

Bob: Np bro
by Heheheeheheheehhe May 9, 2016
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NP is a popular abriviation for the phrase, No Problem. Usually, it is used as a substitute for the phrase Your Welcome.
"Hey!!! Thanks for the Tampon!! I've had a heavy flow today!!"
"NP!!!! And, TMI!!!!"
by AnonymousUnipickle March 13, 2017
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<your_mom> thanks for that great fuck
<me> np
by jdm November 21, 2002
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twitter language for Now Playin.

you use it if you are listening to a song and you want to share it on twitter.
#NP RudeBoy - Rihanna, such a tune!
by SpazAttackness November 18, 2010
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1. No problem
2. You're welcome
Pronunciation: en pee
Specific usage: Online IM/chat

Punter1 says: "Thanks for being my wingman last night"
Punter2 says: "np"
by JakeB January 4, 2006
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short for 'no prob,' used widely in chatrooms or IMs after someone says 'Thx' (thank you)
by bastardized bottomburp March 23, 2003
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