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To get kicked off your ISP for violating the "Terms Of Service"
If I get one more spam complaint about that guy he's gonna get the TOS
by PSI net August 09, 2003
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For Trekkies, "The Original Series", refering to the first Star Trek series to grace television networks everywhere
by so_feasible July 09, 2005
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"Tøs" is a (North)Norwegian word wich can mean the same as both chick and slut, ergo it can have both a positive and negative meaning.
English: Check out that hot chick!
Norwegian: Sjekk den deilige tøsa!

English: What a slut!
Norwegian: For ei tøs!
by jodd-i August 17, 2006
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An acronym used by the "Latin Kings" Meaning "Termination on Sight".
Jeff:"Check Out that white boy throwin' up signs."
Kyle:"Yeah TOS, yadadamean?"

Jeff"Isn't there a T.O.S. on him?"
Kyle"Yeah, lets kill him"
by Jeff878 March 07, 2009
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