Neopets is a virtual pet website that used to be kind of fun and really addicting, but now it is swarmed by mentally ill n00b seven year olds begging for "neopoints" and boyfriends. Also, the owners completely sold out, so now all these little kids who have never heard of the website walk into Limited Too (OMFG d@tZ m4I fAvRriT sToR$RE!!!112) and beg mommy for a kyoot plushyy!! There's a new service where people with money will be able to do all the fun stuff the normal people can't.
Like I said, it's really addictive. Once you start, you may need The Patch.
CyBuNnY_HoTtIe124456895 - hay gESs wUtT!!!12123 oMg I gOt a CyBNNy!!!!111 sHe iZ nAmEE PrInCEss_PiNKYPoo142895!!! LoL lYk lEmMi gO bRaG 2 mAi sEkUnd Gr8de fR3nDzz!!!11
by Tremor April 23, 2005
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It's about some people using a pet site for massive advertising so they can get rich. Plus, while you play with your pixels, you see lots of flash banners that slow down the computer and sometimes offers something not suitable for young players like dating agences ads. I think they don't care about the people on the site. At least not anymore.
*surfing on Neopets*


*logs out* ...¬¬
by Sunny1010 October 02, 2007
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a popular yet overrated website that you can create virtual pets on and practically live a second life through.
Many people go on it 24/7 AND claim it's addicting. But the fact of the matter is that they have little or no life that they like so neopets is their only way of feeling alive.

i'm not trying too insult i'm just saying that so people leave. Seriously neopets is ruining your life!
There is a 95% chance your account will be frozen within the next 3 months for something as small as saying bump too rise your board too the top of the Fanclub's board.

Oh and I would not reccomend you try out the site people.
The designers are s***, the advertising is annoying and the games are cheap.

The makers are such jerks that most people wouldn't want too be helping them too get money. QUIT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
Innocent neopian: Hi i'm new here at the boards and I just luvve NEOPETS. IT ROKS!

Fc "literates": No. You are a NOOB! you are illiterate. You are dumb because you don't bother too type perfectly. Go too the noobs board! Quit begging no ones going too be your neofriend when your that pathetic.

Innocent neopian: :( you guys suck!

TNT to innocent neopian: Your account has been frozen for use of insults and swearwords. Say goodbye too your painted pets, and million neopoints that you spent soo long earning. :)
Source: Porridgey, Christchurch, NewZealand
by Porridgey March 03, 2007
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Neopets... Used to be fun but now is just a big stinking pile of report-happys, glitches and POWER-CRAZY LEADERS, e.g. Adam and his asparagus.

You are reported for saying, hi, church was sooooo cool today, we sang songs! The site is over-run by n00bs who can't spell and trip over each other to report you.

You haven't got a hope in hell of winning any contest as all the 30 year old freaks are sticking their brains in. Advertising has taken over the site. Who cares about what McDonalds is serving today? It's never open anyway!

Your pets can starve but there is no way to actually kill them, why oh why did I ever join neopets and think it was fun.

I joined when I was only about 7, they took great fun in freezing my account by saying I was stealing from someone else! I WAS 7 YEARS OLD!

(Also, the contests are very, very hard!)

Lenny Conundrum:

A man walks around Neopia 17 times, he starts off on the 14th of May, on the way, he stops 5 times for 20 minutes, 3 times for 8 minutes and 9 times for 18 minutes! Overall it takes him 96 hours to walk around...

How many cream buns did his Chomby eat on the way?

Answer next week: 5 and a half, he lost his appetite on the 5th!

0 users won this neopets contest!
by Indigox April 09, 2007
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It used to be a good site from 1999-2004. In '04 it sold out, now it stinks. First of all, people will report you for no reason. Second, the staff used to care about the members, now all they want is money and they are freezing people for no gosh darn reason. Last, it's been invaded by 7-year-old n00bs that want eboyfriends/egirfriends and they can't even type. I used to have 700,000 NP(neopoints), now since it stinks, I got frozen(I did nothing wrong). In a conclusion, neopets is now the worst site in history.
Chia_Luver41314: OMG! LYK, I GOT A CHOCOLATE CHIA!!!!!
Me: So? Who cares? It's just a chocolate chia. They don't cost much.

*next day I got frozen*
by Hellenisgreat February 18, 2007
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This site is fucking satan in a box. I'm not even kidding. It contains the effects of the following:


TNT (theneopetsteam) only cares about a few select people, who in all honesty probably arent even people but bots made to look like someone that has no life. They dont want constructive criticism, they just want plain, cookie cutter, "nothing is wrong" people who wont care what happens because TNT will just keep playing favorites with them.

For example. A few years back, there was a hacker. Hacked into the bases and reset a lot of peoples pets. It was blamed on a "mis-firing lab ray", which is an excuse a freaking three year old could tell is about as likely to be true as britney spears ever having scored over a twelve on an iq test. Hundreds of people are screwed over, but some select people got their stuff back. Coincidence?

And then one time for an april fools joke, i had made the name "featherallley" (it had an extra "l"). went to the boards and posted "hi". nothing but "hi". within minutes i was iced.

Which makes me wonder about the kind of game where theres actually a nickname for getting banned. Thats what people call it there, "iced".

They've gone totally sell out, where 3 out of 4 games are sponsor games and 99/100 games are completely pathetic and could probably give you cancer just from playing them.

It will steal your soul. Stay away from this at all costs.
(before neopets)
Person 1: Hey man, me and Taylor are gonna go catch a movie. You up for it?

Person 2: Sure thing. This T.V. show's starting to get boring anyway.

(after neopets)
person 1: Dude, the new skate park just opened up! We're gonna go skate for a while, you should come with us.

person 2: I uh...have stuff to do.

(weeks later)

person 1: Hey...uh you havent been at school for a few days and you arent answering any calls. Whats wrong?

person 2: *sobbing uncontrollably* I got iced!
by quizzical November 30, 2006
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