Anybody who says neopets suck... I AGREE WITH YA! A once opon a time cool site that has turned horridable(horrible)! It's a site that stole EVERYTHING in it from somewhere else... The pets, games, character(like the fairies), the list goes on...
Their soooooooooo strick on what you type on boards, that you can't have any fun... They'll block "bad" but not "hell" :/
Oh, I've also heard that you can't upload images from your desktop or any file except form the internet. It's EXTREMELY childish, though if you notice, it's a site for teenagers mostly.
Often times you can't post something because it says it's "bad", but there's nothing in it that's actually bad.
I can't tell you everything that's sucks on neopets, but I can tell you that there's a lot.
anybody who actually likes neopets, is either 5 or 6... Or needs a life BIG TIME!
by Won't tell YOU! September 15, 2006
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Neopets is okay for a while, but after a bit you get tired of it and realize how stupid it was of you to spend 16 hours a day trying to change how a 150x150 pixel looks. The games can be fun for killing time, but if you get too carried away with earning neopoints, it takes away the fun.
Sometimes the neopets staff is good, but usually they aren't. I've had an instance where they have been excellent to me. Someone I knew had managed to get into my account and I emailed. After a while, a nice staff member believed me and restored me access to my acount.
The staff seems to be obsessed, however, with freezing and warning. For instance, if you mention any sort of religion you get frozen or warned, even if you just say something like "I don't eat pork, I'm Jewish" or "I'm a Christian."
Overall, neopets can be fun to play, but don't get addicted to it.
"Dude, deal with it. I've been frozen millions of times."
"So? I lost my Fire Draik. I got over it."
by A random somebody September 02, 2005
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A website that is often "down for maintenance" or generally fucked up by numerous glitches. Instead of admitting their own mistakes they will just freeze you. Neopets use to be cool until they fucked everything up....
WOW! I was just frozen for no reason! FUCK! Now I will mail neopets and not even get a response!
by bullshit April 28, 2004
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An addicting virtual game where you get to have 4 pets. You get to play all these games which got you Neopoints which was used to buy stuff. Boards, shops, neomailing, was fun while it lasted.

Neopets now sucks. Noobs are taking over the boards with their excessive 7 year olds saying they're looking for "g1rLllfRi3ee3nds" or how "my cat died, i want to kill myself. boohooboohoo" They cannot type propr english either. There are useless noobs that report you without a reason and then you loose your account. Then you try to tell TNT (Neopets Team) that you were mistakenly wait for months and months and may not even get a notice.

Some old games are good but they have to delete them and replace them with shitty advertisement games that had the same concept. Spin the wheel! GO through the maze eating stupid pixels! .. -_-

Let's face it, the newbies will never get rich, the old members are quitting, neopets is going to die in the next 2 years.
n00b: lyKk oh em geee!! ne0opets isHh lyKee AW3SomeEee!!11
someone: Will you shut up?
n00b: ne3verr! i 5ha1l pr0claiM t0 Da wHo0LeE w0rLDd!!1
somone: -_-"
by SARA_i0i_likegasp March 22, 2005
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A site that used to kickass back in the old days but is now just another 'game' laced with adverts, spyware, and idiots. Frozen unfairly? You probably won't get your account back. Run by hypocrites who truly don't care if you live or die.
"Dude my Neopets account was frozen, even though I didn't do anything wrong!"
"Ah well, better make a new account."
by steph_s December 17, 2007
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An annoying website with too many rules, childish play, and wacko roleplay
People who use Neopets need a life BIG TIME!
by Won't tell YOU! September 15, 2006
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a once good site whihc is now fucked up they claim they haven't been hacked when in fact they have they freeze you for the most stupidest reasons and you canot utter a single word on the boards without getting reported fuck it all and not to mention the fucking favorism (featheralley) and now thye have premium but wait a second didn't they always say they would be free i lost all my respect to tntn neopets and the players i liked the old days when we use to be able to link out of neopets when report happies were put down and flammed and when tntn actually cared for the players.
newbie: hi i am new

report happy: reported for spam.

many ppl will say that they enforce the rules by reporting ppl pah pathetic a lame excuse just to hide how powerless they are in real life i will soon have a list of reprot happies i know in neopets.
by maddog007396 November 22, 2005
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