Expecting skilled work for free in exchange for great exposure , duping people into providing quality labor with hopes of nonexistent rewards. Profiting from the talents of another person's efforts in lieu of false promises.
We cannot afford to pay you for performing at our event but we're willing to showcase you for free entry instead.
by Sagealicious May 28, 2017
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A large dump placed in a public urinal for everyone to see.
"I walked into the toilets at the Drillers game and, in the urinal next to me, someone had left a big fat showcase for every baseball to see."
by Steven O. June 22, 2006
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sexual climax, orgasm, "show yourself"
Dude, that girl could barely make me showcase. Good technique though.
by shwcsruhnf April 3, 2011
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The act of boasting ,displaying or "Featuring" if you will, about something so precious that your being enamored by it would be an understatement.

To hold in the utmost highest regard imaginable to which that it becomes unreal.

To flaunt and champion some super hot chic in front of your associates, peers or nemesis as a display of machismo.
"Yo did you see that piece of ass Jimbo was showcasing at the race track on Saturday"?
by DEADMEAT July 2, 2013
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When you show naked pictures that your girlfriend has entrusted you with to your friends. Usually for a good laugh.
My friend didn't believe that she finally gave me pictures and demanded a showcasing from me.
by angelfooddicks June 22, 2009
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When someone is so anxious to show off their new winter wardrobe that they wear overly heavy clothing on the first semi-cold day of the year after summer. Can also be reversed by people who wear too little clothing on the first semi-warm day after winter.
Damn look at Kevin. What's with the scarf and gloves and heavy leather coat? It's only 53 degreees outside.

He's showcasing.
by Dirty D-ness October 23, 2007
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Three or more children belonging to an unwed and single mother that is sexual active.
Damn man, that bitch has three kids and no man, she's got a showcase of kids up in her pad.
by vanyort September 4, 2008
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