When a person's underwear/undergarments is stuck in between their butt cheeks. Basically a wedgie.
Samantha had a Murphy after swimming a lap in the pool.
by BitchyGoose April 25, 2019
The perfect name for a giraffe
Murphy can jump over hurtles
by The Hink February 9, 2017
The best guy you will ever meet. A Murphy is often overlooked. But simply put, he is a king among men. He will gladly give you the shirt off his back and ask for nothing in return. He is a lover and not a fighter. He'll defend what is right and your honor. A kindred spirit. Ridiculously good looking. Kind hearted. Hard working.
I'm lucky to have a Murphy as a co-worker.
by Djlover November 12, 2013
When someone receives unjust consequences for being honest and speaking their mind, like so few people do today.
Person 1: "dude, don't Murphy me like that."
Person 2: "my god, i didn't mean to! let me prostrate myself in order to make up for this most grievous fault"
by Ace2203 December 14, 2011
The best girlfriend a guy could ask for!
by thisisforyou:) November 19, 2010
A "Murphy" is a teenage boy who plays guitar. Usually built and good-looking, Murphy's are good with the ladies.
Girl 1: "Oh my god, did you see that guy?"

Girl 2: "Yeah, he's such a Murphy"
by hotbandguylover November 8, 2010
1. Slang word for 'penis'
2. Also known as 'cock'
3. Nickname for ESL Chinese students
1. Leva said "man, I really love Murphys."
2. His Murphy was of a decent size
3. A Chinese student couldn't speak English well. He went to Shopper's for a Coke, but instead asked for a cock. All the students called him Murphy after that.
by PDev October 23, 2009