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adj: Something that is cool--like the lowered trucks all the cool kids at school drive.
Wow, Josh lost his virginity by having a threesome with an Indonesian transvestite while wearing her soiled panties over his head and a 300 pound unshaven hooker that's missing her two front teeth on a used mattress in the back alley of a Motel 6 all while giving a reach-around to William Shatner and how he has four different STDs? That guy is lowered!
by Phil Is iLL May 26, 2006
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when you just downed an energy drink so fast that instead of feeling energised you feel like you want to throw up
i just lowered a can of relentless. I feel like a beached whale.
by haven_turtle January 29, 2010
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a new zealand clothing brand worn by wanna b gangsters and chavs
"wow is that a lower shirt?" "yeah you can tell that guys a bit of a chav."
by armondisn00b January 17, 2009
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"there are 23 lowers in the Vbar this year"
by lil d April 5, 2005
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Term used by street scalpers (ticket resellers) to describe tickets located in the lower level or front section of an arena, theater, or stadium
(Two bros looking for tickets) "All these small time scalpers out here only have nosebleeds, but no lowers.", "I know bro, we might have to watch the Lakers game at the bar instead."
by ollie boombayay March 25, 2011
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prouned like the low in allow. A charver definition of money.
Example 1. I've got no lower.
by DianaDee April 13, 2006
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It's a promt to lower the car with other springs or chassis.
Nice car, but lower it
by R3cK March 23, 2011
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