1.Everyone wants to be number one, and number ten is the end of the scale. Not to be confused with "She's a 10!"

2.Something inferior or substandard.

3. Unacceptable
"I don't like Salley. She's number 10."

" That food was number 10."

"I don't want any of that, it's number 10."
by Keith Chaney September 19, 2006
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The number 10, is a great bus, that anyone can go places on, but, the bus is sadly either 2 mins early, or 26 hours late. you will most likely find idiots on there, that probably go to crypt (will, ethan, jarvis, chong, tobi, ect. other roadman kinda names) they will be evil, so dont speak to them. other then that, have a great time on your bus, yolo. lmao :)
number 10 bus. 1 min early
Me. Oh shizzle, i missed it *waits 4843 hours for next one*
also me. thank lord its here now
by AidenGoth February 1, 2020
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This is a meme created by the Chills narrator from Top15s in 2019, sequel to burger king foot lettuce.

This one is going to make you want to wash your hands, and, perhaps... buy a new doorbell. A 33-year-old man in California was caught on a camera licking a doorbell over and over again around 5 in the morning. The homeowners of the doorbell in question were not home at the time, though their children were. Their surveillance system alerted them to movement near their front door and, when they checked the video, this is what they found. Although this footage is only a minute long, this disgustingly creepy behavior reportedly went on for three hours. The man was also filmed approaching the neighbor's yard, although it isn't clear if he did anything there. The homeowner, Sylvia Dungan, told KION: "You kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn't do anything. Nothing but be the creepiest and lick a doorbell for, let me repeat, THREE HOURS. But Dungan was right. In fact, the suspect may have only faced two misdemeanors for his actions. But I would hope, after such a strange and disturbing episode, this guy got help.
- dude you know Number 10: The Doorbell Licker???
- that guy in Chills' video? gross.
by epicjake777 July 23, 2019
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Used by Vietnamese peasants and traders, esp young children, when dealing with occupation forces, to refer to anything sub-standard or unacceptable. "numba ten!, numba 10" From a journalist in the book "Despatches" and numerous other accounts of that war.
GI to little boy; 'I'll give you a dime for that fish'
little boy, grinning; 'nah dime number 10! number 10! Coca Cola!'
by Dubrifirkin September 28, 2020
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Referring to a couple, when one of them is lanky and the other is shorter and chubbier.
Look at those number 10s walking down the street together! They look cute!
by MrEduEdEdward August 10, 2023
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a way to describe how attractive someone or something is by rating it on a scale of one to ten where 1 being a fucking pig and ten being a extremely hot man or women (usually a woman in most cases).
"How hot do you think that girl is?"
"I would say an (insert number between 1-10 here)."
by littleman_dictionary May 29, 2023
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