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To stay with or keep going to a person, place, or thing in the future.
(Sistine Chapel)
Michaelangelo: "Painting these walls is quite tiresome. I think I'll stick to the ceiling from now on."
Leonardo: "Surely you must be kidding my friend. Doing so would be quite boring and would require very strong glue. It's a long way down if you should fall, you know."
Michaelangelo: "What??? Hey, Splinter's out of town, so how about we grab some pizzas, roll up a fat doobie, and tag-team April indabutt."
Leonardo: "Right on, dude!"

(later, in their 15th century frat house)
Leonardo: "Oh...oh...OH!!!" **splat!** "Yes! Right in the eye!"
Michaelangelo: "Hey dude, I had this crazy idea. What if 500 years from now they made these giant turtles that fought crime in the likenesses of us and other Renaissance artists...wouldn't that be fuckin' crazy?"
Leonardo: "Shit are WAAAAAASTED!!!"
by Nick D May 16, 2005
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not a word, but an abbreviation used by the MSN chat client for the "sticking my tongue out" emoticon. In some clients the receiver will just see the word 'stickto', get confused and go to like I did.
so there stickto

meaning the same as:
so there :P
by xlynx July 16, 2006
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