Neon is a person who is simply depressed most of the time and no one cares about. If you are friends with a Neon he/she will say sorry for the smallest things. If you gonna be friends with a Neon just know he/she will love you with all their might and never want to hurt you, Neons are very trustful people when it comes to love.
Sarah: Who's that over there?
Maddie: Yeah, who is he? He looks sad everyday.

Claire: Oh that's Neon he's a nice guy but he's very emotional.
by Kirai.Carson July 10, 2020
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Colorless, odorless, popular in the 90s.

Slang for White Americans who believe their skin color is something they earned, entitling them to speak from authority on subjects for which they have little to no real understanding. With the additional belief that should anything they say be called out publicly, to be immediately given a free pass absolving them from consequences.
Only a Neon would try to impersonate a Federal Marshall JUST to avoid wearing a mask in public.

Upon hearing that QAnon conspiracy theories have no place in our national discourse, Neons decided to storm the capital and murder a cop, and attempt to murder Pence and Pelosi.
by Lord Tellsthings February 21, 2021
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A hot man, or a man with a hot voice etc.
A:Omg Jason is like Neon!
B: Oml yea right?!
by RayGamez February 27, 2021
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Slang term originating out of the Bay Area. Used in the same way as hype or lit but "on a whole other level"
The club ain't ready for us. We on neon!

Ya'll are lit but I'm neon.
by Shane Chase December 7, 2018
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To flip out and/or go off on someone
"My brother kept pushing me so I went neon on him"
by Nuk-kim-ani-kka April 2, 2014
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A car that can smoke most hondas, and any stock honda civic with its go fast stickers, go fast lights, go fast wings and body kits, and mental drivers that think 18 seconds in the quarter mile is fast
The base neon 5 speed comes with 132 hp and 129 ft-pounds of torque, compared to the 105 hp and less then 100 ft-pounds of torque for the same year comparable honda
by TOOSTUBBORN2FAIL May 16, 2008
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