people who are born in Germany who don't agree with what your saying according to American redditors.
What do you mean you don't agree with me you neo-nazi.
by The Based Giga Chad January 27, 2022
Something a leftist calls absolutely anything it doesn't like, for absolutely any reason.
Leftist: "That man is wearing a blue shirt, and it's extremely offensive to my transgender female sexuality and gender, he is a neo-nazi transphobic misogynistic racist!!1! WAAAAH BOOOO HOOOO, IM SOO OFFENDED!!!!!1! ! !
A name given to people whos political ideal is akin to that of the German National Socialist (Nazi) party of the 1930's and 1940's. Neo-Nazism can also be called White Nationalism. It appears in mainly North American and European countries. The cornerstone of the ideology is the want for these countries to be peopled by whites and support the exclusion of non-whites. It is usually supported by white working class people, especially those from mixed race areas.
by JT December 16, 2004
Someone who is ignorant and has a pitiful life, stalking a certain group of people that they have taken an irrelevent liking to. Their goal is to destroy those of their disapproval, or as they would consider "wiping out their name and existence" and falsely believe that "the person served nothing good to those around them." Eventually, the neo-nazi will attack the party who is stronger than them with the power and the wisdom to succeed in battle, creating the fall of the neo-nazi, thus causing the neo-nazi to have commited self-destruction. A neo-nazi will act as though they are strong, but are truly weak inside. A neo-nazi is considered by society to be foolish, irrational, and coonistic.
A neo-nazi is actually a "bot" to the cult's belief, which always causes their own emotional and social fall and destruction.
by Katopolis July 23, 2005
A modern day nazi. Someone who worships Hitler, even though he lost his attempt to destroy Jews and never even made it to the United States. Their whole loser lives is obsessed on destroying non-whites, mainly blacks. They hope to bring back the power of the nazis, but the movement is too weak to ever be successful.
It's nice to know that the nazi movement will never have the strength to ever occur again.
by this is still Black Kat July 10, 2005
Baiscally people who belive in Adolf Hitler's(worst than george W) beliefs even though that fucking pussy commited suicide. And they mostly have shaved heads and tucked in shirts. To wrap this definition up they all are a waste of society and life so quit hating and get along with other races.
Hye look at those fucking gay Neo-nazis
by gooooooooooo0gle bob October 1, 2006
Someone who thinks Hitler was so great, even though he got his ass kicked...real bad.
Hitler and his Neo-Nazis promised a 1000 year reich that lasted only 12 years. So much for that.
by Triz11 July 2, 2006