The lowest form of human being possible.
Neo Nazi: "We're cleaning up."
by Get in my van September 3, 2010
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a bunch of faggot loving incests
hey who's the dude with a black dick up his ass?
oh that's just some neo nazi
by tbaggingurmom June 26, 2010
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Horrible bastards who have no right to disrespect humanity the way they do.
Neo-Nazis will all go to hell.
by neonazisareinhumane August 10, 2012
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A person who thinks its cool to wear calf high black boots with shorts with red laces and suspenders that have safety pins on them. Could quite also be number 1 and/or 2 on your bring a gun to school list. Might also have shaved head and wear completely black clothes
Joe: Hey Tom check that guy out in his black boots.
Tom: Yep he is definetely a Neo Nazi.
by TVY29 March 3, 2010
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a bunch of brain dead, low grade pussies who have swastika tattoos and harass people who are black/ jew/ gay/ indian or anyone who is different from them
neo nazis are a scum of the human race
they give a bad name not only to germans/ whites but to humans in general
by dfsagsa323 February 9, 2012
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A vile basement-dwelling uneducated bully who came out of his/her basement to harass and indoctrinate vulnerable people into the evil murder cult to cause havoc upon nonconformists with bigotry and discrimination. Neo-Nazis are created because they couldn't have what other people have out of jealously and insecurity, they were always forced by their parents to take up the responsibilities of doing every tasks without enjoying their childhoods while mommy and daddy were off drinking and smoking, they were beaten severely by their fathers, they were kicked out of school for bad behavior to school officials and students as well as flunking with bad grades to lower their chances of getting a decent minimum-wage job, and they were taught that they are always perfect without being exposed to how making mistakes can lead them to improve for the next time. Additionally, Neo-Nazis were taught that a country, religion, race, or sex is better than all diverse countries, religions, ethnic people, and non-manly people. Neo-Nazis usually hang around in Fox News and 4chan, unlike centrists, establishment democrats or neo-liberals hanging around in corporate medias like CNN News and MSNBC News and progressive social justice democrats hanging around in media outlets, such as the Ring of Fire and Rebel HQ.
A young man was rejected by a young woman to have sexual intercourse with him after telling her as well as calling her a "sexy ass whore" during a prom date, so he became enraged and he later became a Neo-Nazi scumbag.
by TheUnknown21 June 8, 2019
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The type of guy that isn't fond of Jewish people.
Usually autistic with a dead trim
"Hey, look mummy, that man is wearing a Swastika hat!"
"Yes son, he is a Neo-Nazi, and is making his way to his local synagogue
by DustyCrack March 19, 2019
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