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One of the, if not THE, most anti-parent television stations to ever exist. They always portry parents as stupid, worthless, and not worthy to be respected.
This is true until it comes to the parents buying stuff from their company.
by Katopolis February 12, 2005
Something that commonly contains many other aim names, but are also commonly rarely talked to.
Person: I have 126 names in my aim buddy list, but only chat with 5 of them on a regular basis. The rest, however, barely if ever.
by Katopolis December 22, 2004
Considered an exotic food, it is far than being anywhere near exotic. Head cheese is made of the different parts of the heads of different animals that were used for other meats, and called "exotic" when in fact is truly nothing more than a ball of leftovers.
Having a steak and potato dinner at a steak house is more exotic than having a slice of headcheese. Eww...
by Katopolis February 21, 2005
A guy who is so hardcore feminist it's to the point of being almost nauseating. His favorite theme is the paternity test, and he always coddles the girls and is mean to the men, even the men that are the right (yes, it DOES happen).
Maury Povich is almost out of tampons.
by Katopolis February 15, 2005
"I went to homestarrunner.com the other day and watched the newest webisode of Strong Bad's emails."
by Katopolis March 9, 2005
1. Person: "I finally have dsl now...fuck dial-up!"
2. Guy: "Damn Angelina Jolie sure has a nice set of dsl."
by Katopolis February 14, 2005