Someone who is ignorant and has a pitiful life, stalking a certain group of people that they have taken an irrelevent liking to. Their goal is to destroy those of their disapproval, or as they would consider "wiping out their name and existence" and falsely believe that "the person served nothing good to those around them." Eventually, the neo-nazi will attack the party who is stronger than them with the power and the wisdom to succeed in battle, creating the fall of the neo-nazi, thus causing the neo-nazi to have commited self-destruction. A neo-nazi will act as though they are strong, but are truly weak inside. A neo-nazi is considered by society to be foolish, irrational, and coonistic.
A neo-nazi is actually a "bot" to the cult's belief, which always causes their own emotional and social fall and destruction.
by Katopolis July 22, 2005
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a bunch of brain dead, low grade pussies who have swastika tattoos and harass people who are black/ jew/ gay/ indian or anyone who is different from them
neo nazis are a scum of the human race
they give a bad name not only to germans/ whites but to humans in general
by dfsagsa323 February 08, 2012
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